An_Fac_009 - Botibol - Murs Blancs
Mind reflections
Croyez moi
White walls
Windy morning
Cliff jump horror
Dancing animals
La classe ou la mort

2nd album of the Band

> 12′ vinyl # Double Sleeve on a luxurious 350g reverse cardboard




Written & composed by Vincent Beastaven

Recorded & Mixed by Cyrille Gachet and Vincent Bestaven at Dick Doom Studios
Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keys : Vincent Bestaven. Drums : Antoine Pasqualini. Flugelhorn : Mathieu Hauquier. Trombone : Cyrille Gachet.

Master # Alexis Bardinet at Globe Audio

Artwork # HAVEC




Ref # An_Fac_009

Digital Release # December 8th 2014
Physical Release # February 14th 2014

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Botibol « Islands » #Live


Shot by WegoTalent, @Krakatoa, Mérignac, 09/05/2012.

Botibol « We were Foxes »


Directed by Roman Chen (2001). Artwork by Havec