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Photo by: suze72 . OUTSTANDING, It’s about time these artists get there due this is the only music I’ve listened to for the past 10 years stop listening to FM radio to much talk same thing all the time. www.rockartistmanagement.co.uk Robben Ford, Supersonic blues band, big Al & the heavyweights, delbert McClinton, Toronto Cannon, Ronnie baker Brooks, Bobby Messano, Lil Ed & the blues imperial, Rick Estrin, altered five blues band, Rick Holstrom, Jimmy Thackery, I missed the great Tab Benoit, Buddy Guy the legend still rocking in his eighties, Quinn Sullivan, Vanessa Collier (amazing). Info-video, Southern Avenue (southern soul, blues) Band It was blues rock at its most epic, awesome and sprawling. Deserves to step into the bigger league asap. And what about Terry Gillespie our Canadian legend , brother of the blues now with a reggea twist ! But now I’m thinking I’ll just include everyone I left off. I truly appreciate it. Hi Martine Great young band with a large collection of original rock, blues, funk, and psychelic music. Leilani Kilgore From the outset, when the early rockers merged country and blues, rock has been defined by its energy, rebellion and catchy hooks, but as the genre aged, it began to shed those very characteristics, placing equal emphasis on craftmanship and pushing the boundaries of the music. Great band, great music. Big Mike Griffin Enjoy! Welcome. My pleasure. Info-video, Mindi Abair & the Boneshakers (blues, blues-rock, R&B, funk, jazz) Saxophonist, singer-songwriter Thanks James. I haven’t read everyone’s comments so some of these may have already been mentioned. Info-video, Matt Anderson (soul-blues, contemporary R&B, soul, country) Singer-songwriter, guitarist Thank you. Aynsley Lister You forgot Damon Fowler. Both of those guys are usually very loud. Look forward to your email and updates. Video She has just released Texas Honey produced by Mike Zito and its smokin hot! Website, Davy Knowles (blues, blues-rock, rock) Singer, songwriter, guitarist Check out Sister Cookie!!!! Buddy Flett, from Shreveport, LA—co-wrote Percy Sledge hit, “First You Cry”, just for starters. Thanks for sharing this! Thanks for the reminder. My additions: someone already mentioned The Legendary Shack Shakers; their front man, JD Wilkes, is phenomenal on his own (or supporting the Mourning Glories). Led Zeppelin. I will be checking out the names I don’t recognize. Amazing songwriter, guitarist and singer! Terry Robb If you include the likes of Joe Bonnamassa, Government Mule and Walter Trout, then the Truckers certainly belong on here. http://www.waterfrontbluesfest.com/artists/, Freight Train Rabbit Killer from Kansas City, What a great list. Need to check out JJ Grey & Mofro, Mike Farris and you forgot the Tedeski Trucks Band.\ Saw a young (18, still in High School) talent last night – Jake Kershaw. He started… I recently found a very young girlband from Mexico full of talent “The Warning”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asKqrDjTwC4. Will check them out. Live online blues radiozenders van Nederland. Damon was also the guitarist/singer for Butch Trucks and Dicky Betts Band. Who's Directing Your Movie? Absolutely. Will look into Mississippi Heat and the Jimmys too. Newest Blues Rock Albums & Song Releases. Info-video, Gov’t Mule (southern rock, rock, jam band) Band lead by Warren Haynes Hey, hey, The Blues is alright! I bet JST and Larkin Poe were outstanding live. Oli Brown. Scott Van Zen should be on this list. It doesn’t encompass all of my favorites because the list would be too long. I’ll put him back in. Trevor Sewell is from the UK and has some great albums out, check out Hollow, Calling Nashville and Independence. First saw him play at Experience Hendrix. Ryan McGarvey A brilliant genre which takes the best elements of both Blues and Rock music. So share away. Scrobblez des chansons pour obtenir des recommandations de titres que vous aimerez. Good idea to do this periodically. Ah you gotta have The Cold Stares in here, and I would put them in every category. Thanks for the suggestion of Ian Siegel. I didnt see Dan Auerbach on here of Jack White ,or Like the Blue Stones …etc. Damon has been on the blues rock roots scene for several decades and has had a musical influence on several of The guitarists on your list already . Dwane is a genuine blues-rock ambassador championing the sounds of the ’60s and ’70s. This kid is the real deal, has the chops and the voice and is getting his stage presence down. Keep updating this list! I’ve been watching that young man perform since he blew me away at 13 at the Double Door in Charlotte! HEY yea Thank you I kinda stumbled across this ,thank for your hard work and time,Iam sorry I didnt state that at first .Just was reading through it all and Iam like ,well this and that ,…Any way thanks for it all ,its a great post and so many great Blues Artists on here already, I didnt see Dan Auerbach on here of Jack White ,or like the Blue Stones ,The Revivalists, or Mitch King ,Black Pistol Fire and sooo many others that are kinda leading the way on the “Modern Blues/Rock /Soul ,sound. Tim Gartland Give a listen, your ear holes will thank you. I am certain that there are plenty more great artists and bands out there who I haven’t heard of yet. Jarekus Singleton is right in there with Selwyn Birchwood. By the '80s, blues-rock had become an accepted tradition, much like the blues. Ally Venable last night. Nice list. Looking forward to checking out some of the ones I don’t know yet. If you noticed, the acoustic blues section was much shorter than the rest. David, Phew ! And alot of them I’m looking forward to listening too thanks to your recommendation. Any idea? Eric Johanson is another up and coming blues, blues-rock singer/guitarist. During a career that spanned nearly three decades, Gallagher sold almost 30 million records worldwide, making a name for himself as an inventive guitarist and dynamic bluesman. Ali Maas & Micky Moody 2020 $1.50. Great article, but you need to include Ronnie Baker Brooks. Such a shame! Lynne Jackaman is a wonderful rock and soul singer and talented songwriter. Out of this approach came heavy metal and Southern rock, which both used basic blues riffs and featured extended solos. Joe Bonamassa (born May 8, 1977) is an American blues rock guitarist, singer and songwriter. We think they’re great. Yes, many blues and rock licks are cliches, but there’s a good reason for that - they sound so cool that listeners and guitarists want to hear and play them again and again. We stayed a couple of hours. http://www.travisbowlin.com, Thank you so much for adding him! Info-video, Ana Popovic (blues, blues-rock, rock, funk, R&B and jazz) Singer-songwriter guitarist https://rockandbluesmuse.us15.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=c21943fc7785bd46e768b4881&id=38fb3552b3, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGXRNteULfU, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ae_2B3w6ZKA, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_n39pjxkRM, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55DkHmY8vyo, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UVOgQk1rtQ, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlPIp8DJUEI, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asKqrDjTwC4, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDeNffeXd3w, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KkJTmwHdOjo, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztAnFvHZXXw, https://www.chrisbevingtonorganisation.com/, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysf-rYtPPjc, https://www.rockandbluesmuse.com/2019/04/16/review-tony-campanella-taking-it-to-the-street/, http://www.waterfrontbluesfest.com/artists/, https://www.rockandbluesmuse.com/2019/05/02/your-additions-to-50-modern-blues-rock-soul-artists-you-must-hear-2019/, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fh5VYpv1yMc, The Night I Jammed With Jimmy Page by Joanna Connor. Read Full Biography. Thank you for adding these names. What about Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band? Sub Genre: Blues Rock Connect with the Artist: Visit Artist Website. There are so many phenomenally talented musicians that work hard but never have name recognition beyond their own communities due to lack of funding for promotion/inability to tour/ appearance etc.There are skilled musicians that don’t study the blues masters and end up with a rock, jazz rock or country funk polka sound masquerading as blues because they market it as such perhaps without realizing it isn’t. she writes and plays the piano too plus she’s funny as ****. Jim Messi Arrow BluesBox op DAB (lekker in de auto), en online voor thuis, werk en onderweg. Thank you for taking the time to comment and mention my new album @Steve Deslippe. Cutis Salgado You’re absolutely right about Marc Broussard. Info-video, Robert Randolph & The Family Band (blues, rock, soul, funk) Band Gerald, He can be found in Key West Florida playing mostly at the Smokin Tuna but plays all over the Island! Currently working on new acoustic material and performing / producing a new live stream called The Medicine Show where he was giving away copies of his 2008 debut album The Joys of Spring, a beautiful acoustic instrumental blues discovery that will take you on a timeless journey. Contemporary Blues Album Kingfish – Christone “Kingfish” Ingram. https://www.johnnymastro.com Martiste - ein Name, der vor Allem für Atmosphäre steht. I my article I stated that and wrote that if someone isn’t already into this music, they might not know of them so I included them. So many! Eliza Neals,Dana Fuchs,Laura Rain,Muddy Magnolias,Mia Borders,Johnny Sansone,Jon Neneth,Victor Wainwright,The Record Company,Alabama Shakes,JP Soars,Damon Fowler,Albert Cummings,Chris O’Leary, Brandon Santini, Taz Niederauer, anessa Collier, Southern Culture on The Skids,Legendary Shack Shakers,and The Reverend Horton Heat Spoonful of Blues is on Monday night 7 – 9pm, RTR fm 92.1. The last 3 of his cds have been produced by Tab Benoit as well as he’s currently on Tab Benoit’s- Whisky Bayou Records label. Lady Sorrow : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UVOgQk1rtQ, The sheepdogs He played at a small venue outside of Chicago a week or so ago and just blew up the place! He’s on Tab Benoit’s label and Tab played drums on his latest album. It is rarely far from the CD player. Sean Costello The real deal! Professional Touring Artist Seeks Bassist from Aachen Region 52062 Aachen. Hooten hallers and j Roddy walston and the business Since I started Rock and Blues Muse in December of 2016, I’ve discovered so much outstanding music (blues, blues-rock, rock music, Southern rock, roots music, and southern soul) and it keeps coming. Thank you for turning me on to some really good music. BLUES-JAZZ-ROCK ITS A CLASSICAL MUSIC RIGHT NOW All writing is copyright of Rock and Blues Muse and may not be reprinted without permission from the publisher. Dana Fuchs is in my follow up article. Tiger Gagan Lou, Website, Mike Zito (blues, blues-rock, rock) Guitarist, singer-songwriter, producer A supreme stylist, guitarist & trail blazer. Maxie, Tom Auton's music is for fans of Royal Blood, John Mayer & The White Stripes. Info-video, Joey Landreth (blues, indie, soul-ish) Singer-songwriter, guitarist Just my two cents worth! I would add Lance Lopez, Ally Venable, Vanessa Collier, Eliza Neals,, Allman Betts Band , Quinn Sullivan, Gary Hoey, Dana Fuchs, Eric Johannson , Amanda Fish . HUGE YES!! It would be nice to see “ Hey thanks for putting this together” then make your statement. Just got to see Southern Avenue and loved them. toured the world over and still don’t appear on air or on lists like this. I simply want to open a window to some great music that you won’t find on FM radio, American Idol, The Voice, or if you’re using streaming services (who isn’t) and you haven’t been steered to these great artists by algorithms based on your musical choices. Both are great multi-instrumentalists and singers, well steeped in soulful blues. We’re out there night after night on tour having fun making music with each other. A recently unearthed document of Duane Allman's last live performance is sonically challenged but musically satisfying. Thanks for commenting. Danny Bryant It was full of power, passion and pride. Thank you. I just bought one Kenny Wayne Shepherd song from his new album, the Texas Horns – Get Here Quick and I am going to buy Southern Music – Keep on. https://youtu.be/rRcxzg1mlLs. Info-video, Too Slim & The Taildraggers (blues-rock, blues, rock) Band led by Tim Langford, singer-songwriter, guitarist) We see many of these great acts frequently in New Orleans. This is a great list; between the original list and the artists listed in the comments I have a lot of fun research to do in the coming days. Ty Curtis Thanks to datflys for the video For blues/soul you should check out Kyla Brox from the U.K. And recently won U.K. and European blues competitions, and made a good showing at a competition in Memphis. Thanks. Also, a community minded person who uses her intellect to better those around her! Order On AMAZON. It´s a greatlist, indeed – but you forgot the greatest of all: Thanks! He’s a one of a kind..! Thanks for sharing. Shaun Murphy So many already have covered most all my thoughts as to what a list such as this one entails, but I’m stunned Cole Allen isn’t named; along with Shannon Curfman, Corey Stevens, Ross William Perry. Thanks for your recommendation. They were active during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Many of my favorites on here. Matt Schofield , Seth Rosenbloom, Ariel Posen, Derek Trucks. Some of those unknown traditional(and otherwise) blues masters have even been inducted into The Chicago Blues Hall of Fame, Nate Gross Band and The Lightkeepers both out of Upstate New York, Nice list!!!! She also receives high praise from Joe Bonamossa. The band's best-of is a lively portrait of their raw, arty reinvention of rock. But I will add him back in because he’s just too good not to include. Hope you enjoy them! Markey Blue Little Boys Blue. That said, I would encourage you to check out Joyann Parker and also Ivy Ford if you aren’t already familiar with them and consider adding them to your list. I didn’t forget Mato Nanji. Thanks for the list. Info-video, Beth Hart (Blues, blues-rock, R&B, soul, jazz) Singer-songwriter, pianist, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist. People just want exposure to these artists and bands. When this album hit the streets in 1969 it left a crater a mile wide that reached down to Earth’s molten core. Try Blue Moon Marquee. John, It wasn’t just an exercise in vocal and guitar pyrotechnics, with liberal doses of gut-rumbling drum-work on the side. Conrad, you are so welcome. Combining bluesy improvs over traditional 12-bar blues, blues rock bands are some of the most important bands in music history. You will not be disappointed! Ryan came off the list when I thought 80 artists and bands was too many. Just ADD your faves and move on, people! Kevin Selfe and Video Dany Franchi On Muddy Waters releases, usually only the leader is credited. Library it is and it is growing all the time. Glad there are some artists that you are going to check out. Chuck, Ben Rice up for 3 BMA,’s out of Portland Oregon, Laith Al-Saadi Enjoy, Carl Denison Tiny Universe This isn’t a year-end list of the best albums or songs. I was listening to some blues music and heard a great song, but I forgot the name of the band. This is WONDERFUL! I welcome your contributions and will write another article that include your choices. Reverend Shawn Amos out of L.A. Lastly, Vintage Trouble like James Brown meets Led Zeppelin, Found this cool Australian blues rock band called KillWater. Info-video, Walter Trout (blues, blues rock) Guitarist, singer-songwriter Thanks for putting together such a comprehensive list of blues talent. Will look into them. I’ve played many (most?) Humbly I would suggest the following additions: Donald, Altered Five 50: 50. His song The Snow Lies Deep was shortlisted for Best Original Song in The British Blues Awards 2013. This is a live video Link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fh5VYpv1yMc, He has collaborated with some interesting people too – Janis Ian, Tracy Nelson Paul Barrere, How Tedeschi Trucks Band didn’t make this list is mind boggling. Video Info-video, Selwyn Birchwood (blues, blues-rock, funky grooves, roots music) Guitarist, lap steel, singer-songwriter. Thank you. Info-video, Kenny Wayne Shepherd (blues, blues-rock, southern rock) Guitarist, singer-songwriter. Thank you. You’re very kind. The list idea is good but most these are bands that people will be hearing this year whether this list was made or not, they are all fairly well known. We’ve reviewed him several times. They are stellar artists too. I’m talking about under the radar musicians who are just as good, just as innovative and talented as bands we all listened to before pop, hip-hop/rap/R&B, and country overtook the air waves. The Allman Brothers Band. I also recommend the Jimmys. Rock and Blues Muse, LLC. Instrumentalist Drums Cedric Burnside. She’s been on the scene for 13 years, yet apparently is still an unknown outside of her native Canada. Very cool list. Great list. Led by the late, great Alan Mirikitani (may he rest in peace) The Buddaheads (aka The Screaming Buddaheads) were a blues/roots rock band fronted by Alan Mirikitani’s vocals and lead guitar. I would like to respectfully request that BB Chung King & The Buddaheads be added to the list. Video Shout out to my KENTUCKY boys of Black Stone Cherry! Saw Joann Shaw Taylor last night and Larkin Poe last Saturday. Blues-Rock Artists Highlights grid list. Dion’s journey to the blues is quite a story, and his blues work later in life is excellent. Gary, Blues all, Official, Chords, Tabs, Pro, Bass Tabs tabs including 12 bar blues We have four presenters,all very different in their blues tastes. Lauren Anderson Ally Venable Band Great list! But you did pretty good. Colleen, Facebook, Anthony Gomes (blues, blues-rock) Guitarist, singer-songwriter Thanks for the additional names. You’re right about Jeramy Norris (& the Dangerous Mood)! Type in names in the search bar and they’ll come up. David, We’ve featured Brody Buster, Heather Newman, Victor Wainwright, Popa Chubby and more. Unbelievable guitarist, great showman, and just a great guy. The virtuoso guitarist's first album for Italy's Frontiers Records showcases her hard-rock chops. Thanks to BluesBroad for the video. Sari Schorr (blues-rock) Singer-songwriter Video Website Jonny Lang (blues, blues-rock, rock, contemporary gospel) Guitarist, singer-songwriter You’ve seen some great live music. But they hardly get a look in. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Info-video, Joanne Shaw Taylor (blues, blues-rock, rock) Singer, songwriter, guitarist He’s on the list and we’ve interviewed JD Simo and reviewed his albums and his show with Tommy Emmanuel. http://Www.lisalystam.se. Soul and R&B from that real deep place in the heart. Seasick Steve is one I just stumbled upon and I agree, definetly worth a listen. Also Known As. Mike, Also 3 different artists formerly in Butch Trucks Freight Train Nominated for a BMA this year… their new album is fire. From London UK….. shes amazing! Top artists with “blues rock” tabs Learn songs with the online tablature player Eric Clapton White Stripes Cream B.B. Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears – Great big band sound with lots of great dance music) CONNECT. Frank, Soms worden complete albums besproken. You named a number of really talented artists and bands. Quinn Sullivan Joe Bonamassa and KWS are not under the radar as well as many on this list who have been out there doing their things for 30 years or more. He’s awesome, a nice guy, fast player, and good backing band. Finnish Blues guitarist Erja Lyytinen, best europe blues guitarist in 2016 lack of your list. Saw him open for Samantha Fish. Subscribe and follow for updates...or just to say hi! order a SIGNED BUNDLE. Chris Cain, Karen Lovely, Ben Rice, Lisa Mann, Eric Lindell, Kevin Burt, JP Soars, Southern Hospitality, California Honeydrops!!! Updates Blues Rock albums; Acoustic Blues Electric Blues Piano Blues Blues Rock. Tony Campanella, Kat Riggins… my Top 100 for 2018, my current Top 40. Alex, Thanks for taking the time to comment. I would also check out a husband and wife duo – The War and Treaty. Info-video, Larkin Poe (blues, roots-rock) Band 22 LW 15. Lynne will be supporting two of the artists on your list, Ana Popovic and Southern Avenue, next month. As blues rock gained popularity, bands that followed immediately were louder … Sass Jordan rocks the house, when she doesn’t listen to her A&R guy. Cheers Pete.. Dear Martine, so many new impressions – thanx a lot. Always looking for new music. Mike Andersen from Denmark..! . Website, Eric Steckel (blues-rock, rock, blues, “blues metal”) Guitarist, singer-songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist. Thackery is in one of these two big lists. There are unknown, great bands playing at the neighborhood bars all over the country. They are especially great live. absolutely the best female vocalist on the planet. Thank you and I’m glad you did. Echte naam: Kristy Marlana Wallace Geboortedatum: 20 februari 1953 Geboorteplaats: San Bernadino, California, Verenigde Staten Nationaliteit: Verenigde Staten Actief: 1973-2009 Connect with Blues Rock collectors across the globe and complete your collection. to our listeners, and thousands of you voted for your choices! Mike Welch,. Joe Bonamassa. Info-video, Tommy Castro & the Painkillers (blues, blues-rock, soul) Singer-songwriter, guitarist They opened the show for Rival Sons a couple of weeks ago. A couple more local favorites of mine Brody Buster and the Bel Airs. I think Kelly Bell should also be considered. Can say you are correct ! And thanks for your suggestions. KENNY NEAL & CLARENCE SPADY…. Brother Dege, Johnny Azari, Jeffrey Halford, Will Scott, Preacher Boy, Dave Arcari, Half-Deaf Clatch, Fantastic Negrito, The Record Company, Kelly Joe Phelps, Corey Harris, Alvin Youngblood Hart, Chris Thomas King, Eric Bibb, John Mooney, Seasick Steve, Catfish Keith, Charlie Parr, Bob Log III, etc. Great list and heard of a lot of them, Lance Lopez is pretty awesome. Avid Blues Supporter here! Some ones I would throw in are I’ve known Caroline and her band since ‘98in Austin and stayed at J.D’s parents house once in Phx when I was on your way back around 96 ish… I remember teaching him a couple of my “ secret” chords when he was just 16 and he gave me a whole box of strings! Great list Martine, Submit Corrections. Found some great bands from this site…look into the Imperial Crowns…rock blues at best…. Video http://www.laithalsaadi.com. 2,098 listeners. How about The Backsliders, a great Australian band? Dave, Hope you continue to do this periodically! My recommendation from europe/sweden is Lisa Lystam Family Band. Stacy, Thanks to you for keeping the blues alive. Info-video, Paul Nelson (blues, blues-rock, guitarist, singer-songwriter) Band I’m including links to two videos of them. Erja Lyytinen Young, talented guitarist from Kalamazoo Michigan. Acoustic blues artist Samuel James,Lightning Malcolm. I forwarded it to my wall to help enlighten my friends. He is phenomenal!! Extremely grateful for the fans love and support. Are Drive-By Truckers considered too mainstream? Heather Newman, smoking hot blue’s, little woman, BIG voice Out of the wilds of Williamstown, Ma comes the thundering guitar work of Albert Cummings. Bluesrock is een muziekstijl, waarbij de genres rock en blues in elkaar overlopen.. Hoewel de rock-'n-roll voortkomt uit de blues, ontwikkelde de bluesrock zich pas aan het eind van de jaren zestig tot een volwaardig subgenre. Tedeschi Trucks Band. Great article, been spinning blues on the radio for years and noticing some of the callers are getting younger. Peter, https://www.danyfranchi.com Wondering about your views on popa chubby? • Alabama Shakes Dwight was also on the list! Whether performing solo acoustic or electric band he plays his heart out live! So a page like yours is a breath of fresh air and much needed. Je luistert nu online en live naar de radio stream van Arrow Bluesbox Eric Lindell for southern gulf coast soul/blues. Yes! Did I miss Bonnie Raitt? 21 year old Rock and Blues act from Cardiff has already made his mark, breaking the TOP 8 in Fender's "Undiscovered Artist of The Year". Thank you so much. Great blues rock out of Gainesville FL. Great list!! Also enjoy Toronzo Cannon, Lil Ed and the Blues Imperials, Damon Fowler and the Slide Brothers. Thanks for the comment. You need to check out The Blue Footed Boobies out of Wilmington, NC. Thank you very much for your comment. Both shows have been on air for 35+ years. Also out of Nashville: Great up and coming English/Spanish blues and soul artist who’s had radio play in the States and in the UK. It emerged in Black communities of the United States from spirituals, work songs, field hollers, shouts and chants, and rhymed simple narrative ballads. https://www.ericjohanson.com/. Thank you! Woman power–you bet. My recent encounter with a little known talent was with Seth Lee Jones out of Tulsa. The band plays a mix of 50's Rockabilly, 60's Garage Rock'n'Roll and Oldschool Psychobilly. I’m so glad you enjoy the tunes. That says a lot. For your Blues & Blues Rock list, try Delta Moon. Categories: Artist, Band Names, Best of, Genre, Music [List296843] | | +5. Great information here…check out John Verity. area has lot’s of great live music of many genre’s. A New Generation Award winner (Robert Johnson). Stoney Curtis, Las Vegas. Chicago blues but with a lot of Delta influences. Thank you. Here’s one you forgot though Mato Nanji from Indigenous. The future of blues rock.. you decide, raw and exciting records, explosive live rock concerts from Laurence Jones Music Info-video, Henrik Freischlader (blues, blues-rock, rock, with serious groove) Guitarist, singer-songwriter, producer. How about Lance Lopez, Dallas, Texas?,,,,Wes Jeans, Marshall Texas,?,,c’mon man! Too many of those not a lick of blues bands end up on lists , radio and headlining concerts not because they play blues but because they have the financial backing and “look” to do so. For Ronnie Baker Brooks. Very nice to see Artur Menezes and Celso Salim among these great artists! Video Victor Wainright and Popa Chubby. https://youtu.be/H06gPpZj70E Jeff Beck. Btw, EVERTHING on that label is fantastic! putting a non-blues guitarist at the top of a blues list is as about as disrespectful as you can be. Info-video, Albert Castiglia (blues, blues-rock, rock) Guitarist, singer-songwriter Most of all though-Devon Allman. Several are not “under the radar” as I wrote in the article. Derek, I would appreciate readers recommending music stores I can check out while in Boston, DC or when in Hawaii. No acoustic blues list is complete without Rory Block. So cool to see Caroline Wonderland and JD Simo on that list! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_n39pjxkRM I’ve seen several of them live and they are just nice people as well as being great artists. Mcpherson, Southern Culture on the Skids, War on Drugs, St.Paul and the Broken Bones and J.J. Mofro are all bands that have to be seen live. Beth and Joes “Black Coffee” one of my fave vinyls.

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