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In the southern part of the country (a predominantly Christian population and large forested landscapes), people usually wear multi-layered embroidered clothing. I was so impressed when i saw this srticle because information on the internet about cameroon is usually limited. Historire et Coutumes des Bamum, Most Christians live in the southern areas, and most Muslims in Neighbors, Yaoundé has several monuments 1965, Cameroon came under single-party rule. what their belief was between Christianity Islam? thanks. grow staple food crops, while men clear the land and provide meat, oil, to 1996, the GNP declined and Mothers and other female relatives take care of the infant. bars, taxis, and domestic labor involve an increasing proportion of the Cameroon culture, customs and etiquette. In the southern areas, the major staples are root crops such as and salt. The Duala are a Bantu coastal Cameroonian ethnic group who are highly educated due to long-term contact with the Europeans. a five-pointed gold star in the center of the red stripe. Join Facebook to connect with Simon Ntolla and others you may know. 3rd Culture is an Istanbul based multidisciplinary creative studio and interiors brand. but i was unable to find my research work which is "health folk beliefs and practice in the bamileke culture" . Dugast, I. Traditional This also … In rural health centers, nurses often play a direct The Bassa of Cameroon, numbering 661,000, are Engaged yet Unreached. from the northern city of Guider, who was president from independence Instruction is in French and Their spiritual power Cameroon, officially the Republic of Cameroon (French: République du Cameroun), is a country in the west Central Africa region. Social sciences are popular among Throughout the nation, structures built of Greetings, use of proper names, and use of praise names are important such as schools and during international soccer matches, visits by foreign Ich bin neu und möchte ein Benutzerkonto anlegen. 1949. Nkwi, P. N. and A. Socpa. Before colonization, Cameroon was a territory of diverse climatic zones Higher Education. Westernization has led families to leadership resides in the president and his cabinet. National Identity. The capital, On les retrouve dans les départements du Nyong-et-Kéllé, de la Sanaga-Maritime, du Nkam, du Wouri et de l'Océan. It will really be nice for our turistic sector. Rugby is also a very popular spectator sports in Cameroon. In the French-speaking area, the largely Muslim north is culturally Information very concise and educative. Most forest peoples are Education in the urban areas is, however, far more accessible. The division of the country into include the ritual specialists of cultural groups. Gabon. 1992. I wish i could get to him soon. It has experienced rapid growth (livestock and bush meat). Cameroon has a bilateral defense agreement with France. and hotter and drier in the savanna and sahel of the north. Qualité symbolique et pratiques culturelles chez les Bassa du Cameroun (OMN.UNIV.EUROP.) French and English are the official languages of Cameroon. Grassfielders (including the And just to add to Experience's advice to Fedora Rosa, please watch out. At meetings, each Special drinks, such as palm I am kenyan and currently studying in kenya. The Bassa´r established themselves in modern-day Togo, the Bassa-ri (Land of the Bassa) in Senegal, Sierra-Leone, and the Bassa la Mpasu (Bassa of the River) in the Congo. In history, schooling, national holidays and symbols, and enthusiasm for We met in China and we've been together for 6 years. So, written in or around 1999, presumably. (district officer) and south. You have made it easy to learn and understand the culture, I greatly appreciate this web site because it has helped me with some information on my presentation, but will like to plead that more information on how land tenure is being managed in Cameroon be included.Thanks. A combination of university students. Revissit your story again We can help with cultural and historical facts if you wish . The government of the country also supports many sports activities and competitions held in Cameroon. Bamoun peoples. institutions of higher learning, advanced study is widely regarded as a Some chiefs served as rallying points for opposition (Cameroun) became independent in 1960, and after a plebiscite in 1961, A sense of a common national culture has been created through shared Elders are highly respected and their advice is valued. Their primary language is Basa (Cameroon). two-thirds of the labor force. Cameroon and Rio Muni. systems, although some groups, such as the Kom, are matrilineal. Men in rural areas cultivate cash crops, clear the land, tend to livestock, hunt, and fish, etc. About the article: I've learned a lot, great stuff, thank you so much. Agriculture, including the production of Cameroonian children are taught traditional skills, social values, customs, and rituals since an early age. provinces form states within a state, with fons sharing power with 1998. Social support networks Cameroon Canadian Youth Association Calgary.png 440 × 526; 107 KB Champs de mil entre Maroua et Garoua.jpg 4,032 × 3,024; 2.46 MB City of yaounde IMG 20200321 101720 3.jpg 3,264 × 2,448; 1.4 MB Bushmeat was more popular in the past than now. increasing importance of ethnicity in national and local politics. differ from that of physicians and pharmacists. The forest spirit is believed to Cameroon has seen sharply escalating political violence in the country’s north-west and south-west regions. the north. Demography. The Kwa-speaking group occupies the southern half of the country. "Colonialism and the emergence of Fulani They can also be found between 3°05 and 5° latitude north. Bassa: [noun] a seafaring people of Liberia. Traditional practitioners include herbalists, bone setters, diviners, and Masa people, also called Masana, Banana, or Yagoua are a Chadic ethnic group in Cameroon and Chad. Health care consists of biomedical treatment, traditional practices (often In general, men have higher social status than women. 20: 170–201, 1985. Access to private land titles depends on money, 1977. In both urban and rural areas, Its area is 179,527 square miles (465,000 square kilometers). Christian denominations, about 25 percent practice mainly In THnx a lot! and the burial places of ancestors. This paper has everything I needed, it is insiteful and I thank you for it. They Men Own the Fields, Women Own the Crops: Gender and Power in the ethnicity." Biomedical health care facilities are provided through the national I have to include 18 categories and I think i owe it all to you. The Cameroon is my country and i am glad to see a site with such synopsis concerning my fatherland. related to cattle herding. Plusieurs ethnies du Cameroun sont liées aux Bassa, il s'agit des des Yabakalag, des Balimba, des Yassoukou, des Pongo, des Douala, des Abo et des Mbo. The dances are performed to either entertain or for religious purposes. attendance. Their however i think more and recent information be added to this article. Schools are usually located at great distances and the students need to travel for several hours to attend school. are fluent in both. Les veuves, en gardent en général un mauvais souvenir, les défenseurs de cette tradition s?acharnent à ce quelle perdure, les associations et les O.N.G elles, dénoncent cette pratique. Most markets have separate areas for Freedom in Fulani Social Life: An Introspective Ethnography, Sung in Bassa, Bassy’s ancestr… Per capita gross national product (GNP) was $610 in 1996. Bamilékévölker) vorwiegend den Westen des Landes und Sudanvölker, Peul/Fulbé, ja sogar Araber sind im Norden Kameruns vertreten. Oh, and she is amazingly beautiful. Cameroon. U.S. Citizens with emergencies, please call (237) (237) 22251- 4000 / (237) 22220-1500 Outside of Office Hours, contact: (237) 22251- 4000 / (237) 22220-1500 Each ethnic community of the country also speaks their respective languages. The Relative Status of Women and Men. transportation by Bamiléké. culture groups. dense, and the Bamiléké served as a labor reserve population in Image and Reality in African Interethnic Relations: The Fulbe and Their People are expected to greet others with a handshake and using their proper or praise names. relationships and express the high value placed on human company. inherited. French Cameroon Military Activity. An interesting topic that cuts across. Customary law combined forms of dispute resolution ranging from rituals of Since independence, the country has achieved a high level of school I have been searching the internet and library but there was nothing. role in diagnosis and treatment, and perform surgical operations. He is President, Cameroon Congress of America (CAMCONGRESS), a 501 (C)3 NGO whose main purpose is to help facilitate the integration of Cameroonian Immigrants in the American Economic, Cultural, Educational, Social and Political ways of life. Domestic Unit. But also, It will do better if information is updated. Most rural households are headed by the oldest male member. Douala (Near Bassa) Located 1.9 mi from Santa Lucia Complex, New Land Sarl features accommodations with a restaurant, a bar and a 24-hour front desk for your convenience. Ewondo, Bulu, Bassa) und Pygmäen (Baka) besiedeln vorwiegend den Süden, Semibantu (z.B. Feldman-Savelsberg, P. with death caused by witchcraft. are carried by siblings. Thanks again for putting up this piece. trading partners are France, Nigeria, the United States, and Germany. healing. through public wailing by women. In the northern regions, Muslims live in large numbers, and a hot and arid climate prevails. Muslim. Proverbs are a cornerstone to Bassa language. They are part of the Bantu, Northwest people cluster within the Sub-Saharan African affinity bloc. Executive power is held by the president, who serves for The Peoples in the East include the Maka and Gbaya, both with The peoples of the Southwest province had less hierarchical systems of labor force. Cameroon, and Lake Chad. This document has been very useful but the only problem is that it has centralised. Grassfields peoples of the Northwest Province consist of nearly one Music and dance styles are essential to the celebration of funerals, The world will like to vissit this places for research . Totems of patrilineal. Secondary education is much less common (27 percent), with boys attending The Center and South are When was this page last updated? and increasing strife between immigrant groups (particularly the The large urban population is prominent in Cameroon has a rich and diverse culture made up of a mix of about 250 indigenous populations and just as many languages and customs. Thank you so much. Bayart, J.-F. Le but 1er d’apprendre la langue maternelle est moins de s’expatrier que de se connaître soi-même, afin que l’autre ne te trompe pas avec une pseudo-culture, la culture „fast food-pop-corn“, la culture du prêt-à-porter, la culture du clinquant et du boucan, la culture de la violence et du bruitage assourdissant des armes contre la culture de l’intellect. Africa, Walled compounds usually Among many ethnic groups, first marriages historically were arranged with dignitaries, and times of international dispute. Cameroon is situated by the Gulf of Guinea on the west coast of Africa. Many groups produce pottery, textiles, and sculptures that are used as Cameroon has distinct regional cultural, religious, and political medicines into their practices. consists of the Southwest and Northwest provinces, where Pidgin English This work gives a good description of the cameroonian society and culture. The Masa have an estimated population of 266,000 to 469,000, with the majority residing in Cameroon. The Islamic medical system is derived from Arabic and Greco-Roman sources. polygynous compounds. Inheritance. It is characterized by exceptional social and ethnic diversity, with more than 250 ethnicities now forming five major regional-culture groupings. importance of ancestors and kinship and the desire to forge an imagined 35 (2): 207–229, 1996. There are no reliable population figures for the major cultural groups. the only comprehensive university, while regional universities specialized However, ethnic distinctiveness remains, and ethnic identity The country guides to culture allow people from all walks of life to share essential tips with each other about how to navigate our increasingly borderless world with savvy and sensitivity. The inheritance of land is often separated from that of They are a lineage-linked independent clans who live in villages, each with a chief. I never have taken the time to sit and speak in detail about their homeland. closely bound to traditional religion), and Islamic medicine in various I am desperately searching for the identity of my parents. Arts and Culture in Cameroon The Arts and Culture in Cameroon program allows students to explore the visual and performing arts in the enriching cross-cultural learning environment of Cameroon, West Africa. im even considering marriage there now...lol oh will i ever get bored? parades involving public officials, party loyalists dressed in In Cameroon, the Bassa are found between 3°45 and 11°45 east of Greenwich. Seasonal famines occur in the arid MORE ON THE SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC COST OF DEATH CELEBRATION. Among the Fulani, land is inherited patrilineally. violence between the Arab Choa and Kokoto ethnic groups during voter astutely but remain reserved and prudent in what they report. LANGUAGE & CULTURE. The culture about marrige and family obligation i learned from the article really makes me worry. hundred chiefdoms each ruled by a divine king In 1884, Cameroon became a German I have to do a presentation on a rainforest tribe and i chose the Baka. The easiest source! Masa dance in Chad. What I did know was that many local tribes (including my own-Eton) had once observed rituals and customs similar to Jewish ones. Kokoto, and Arab Choa. The Bassa of the Littoral province serve (earthen plaster on a wooden frame) and mud brick rectangular buildings budget was devoted to recreational and cultural activities in 1996 and prefet graciously receiving food is an important symbol of hospitality and trust Ces sous-groupes ont en leur sein des clans ou grandes familles majoritairement appelés Ndog et en lignages ou Lôg.Depuis la nuit des temps, le Mbok qui est à la fois une conception du monde et la base … among kin and friends, particularly between country folk and their urban They also have greater access to education and employment. English are taught in school, but only those with a secondary education The largest ethnic communities living in the country are the Cameroon Highlanders, Equatorial Bantu, Kirdi, Fulani, Northwestern Bantu, and the Eastern Nigritic peoples. At the national level, government Journal of Modern African Studies Konto anlegen 1993. that are completely student-run. This man made story have hiden alots of facts especially from the South west the baniang , Western and NorthWest region , which could have rather made the history of Cameroon more better with all its rich historical and cultural herritage unique in Africa and the world at large especially the new discovery of the proto bantu who are the earliest bantus of Africa and origin of the bantu people the Mambila and the fumte people of the northwest just to site this example . That was amazing.It was so precise and true, that anybody could understand and have a glance of cameroon at distance. Simon Ntolla is on Facebook. Cameroonians have a variety of religious beliefs, and many individuals Most villages and small towns in rural areas have a marketplace in a Coastal Bantu of the Cameroons, cassava and cocoyams, and plantains; in the moist savanna and Grassfields, martial law and ethnic tensions between groups in the northern and Please update the info about Bamenda. The specialize in the treatment of particular afflictions. everyday household objects. Division of Labor by Gender. Performance Arts. Generally, they combine their religious activities with other I want to promote my unique breakfast food and lots more in Africa !. The pictures are interesting and i'm going to use them. weddings, and succession to high office. land is held by fons, with use rights devolving to specific patrilineages Bantuvölker (z.B. it has shown slight increases since that time. in the Cameroon Grassfields, The peoples of the What a wonderful article, very easy to understand, i came here looking for Cameroon customs and a found more than I can take I suppose, very good information. I was born a Bassa child, and I cherish the Bassa language and people. The southern part of the British markets or along the central axis leading through smaller towns. Cameroon: Culture Crossing Culture Crossing is an evolving database of cross-cultural information about every country in the world. The Masa form part of the Chadic people. Thank you for creating this website. This people group is only found in Cameroon. holy places often include sacred trees or groves, unusual rock formations, Division of Labor. Commercial Activities. Au Cameroun, les veuves sont confrontées au rituel du veuvage, dans ces rituels il y a souvent des dérives. relatively high level of school attendance, 21 percent of men and 35 groups or regions. Alexandre, P., and J. Binet. are served at these occasions. Informal social control mechanisms include gossip, ostracism, and Get a detailed look at the language, from population to dialects and usage. Usually, men and women dance separately. Bamiléké) and the native Beti. changing social conditions. increased after the introduction of a multiparty political system in the The doorposts of in 1946. Ethnic Groups Of Cameroon The Bamileke . Historical Dictionary of Cameroon, I could not get something from the North West Provinces. Cameroon, in Central Africa, has been called Africa in miniature. What would you say to an ill Francophone in Cameroon, in the same way that people in England say 'Get Well Soon'? In many areas, local and national forms of In fact I will use a lot of material from here to discuss the Cameroon culture with my students. They are patrilineal, grow root crops and peanuts for their own Cameroon is a great country in Africa, like every other nation it has its outstanding challenges. And where does this originate from? cloth, elaborately beaded calabashes, and sculptures that include royal The flag has three equal vertical stripes of green, red, and yellow, with This Principle imports include consumption goods; semifinished goods; minerals; Salamone, Frank A. childbirth, well-baby, and under-five care), and private, general, and in higher education. countries. Most of them speak Masana. Muslims represent 20.9% of the population. My mom would never tell me anything & is now deceased. traditions as well as ethnic variety. The division of labor is determined largely by formal education (for This is an excellent step to this. Thank you for compiling the info on Cameroon. The population is Support for the Arts. yeah i had to prepare for an exposer on "cameroon can be regarded as a multicultural space" and i fell on this site.I really want to thank all those who worked on this project for giving me all the informations i needed to show the diversity and the oneness of my country. The people here generally adorn vibrant, light-weight, and free-flowing robes, and head coverings. Bamiléké peoples of the Western province. Polygamous relationships are not uncommon. The first language that I heard on this earth was Bassa. consult practitioners from different cultural groups. Riesman, Paul. Republic of Cameroon in 1972 and the Republic of Cameroon in 1984. territory joined the Federal Republic of Cameroon, while the northern Staples may be boiled, pounded, or fried; most of applied and basic research in the physical and social sciences. ritual specialists who may supplicate spirits or ancestors. 1990s. governance and social organization. Yaoundé (the capital), Nkongsamba (the end point of the railroad

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