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James Woods is Jack Crow, the leader of a gang of vampire slayers who are all but wiped out completely when they come up against Jan Valek (The Karate Kid Part 3’s Thomas Ian Griffith), a powerful bloodsucker looking for a talisman that will allow him to walk freely in sunlight. It’s one of the few films that show vampires not as upper-class blood drainers, but as members of a scrappy lower class. Oh, and of course: They're vampires, having lived and loved and loathed humanity for centuries. Almereyda’s use of black-and-white is sumptuous, and it lends the royal familial power plays of Dracula’s family, played by Elina Lowensohn as Nadja and Jared Harris as her complicated, long-estranged brother, a severe gravity. The best movies, however, bend the rules of the vampire sub-genre, as the vampire naturally offers itself up to a many interpretations. — Brian Formo. Enjoy them all and see what your vampire Dragonborn is capable of! Now any man with six-pack abs can thrust his way through town and weaken his powers. They can’t go out during the daytime. Si vous aimez ce film, vous pourriez aimer ... Jumanji Bienvenue dans la jungle : 10 clins d’oeil au film original, Vaiana : 13 autres personnages Disney qui se cachent dans le film. A Taoist Priest and his two disciples attempt to … There are plenty of other performances that showcase that magnetic allure in intensity, and one of the top ones would have to be this late 1980s whatsit. With Ching-Ying Lam, Siu-Ho Chin, Ricky Hui, Moon Lee. cacaoweb application platform leads the digital innovation and defines the future of computer applications. The Official Website for all movies from 20th Century Studios. In effect, Maddin turns a story of terror, loss, and dismay into an experiential blast of madness, lust, comedy, and unbound invention. There’s a flower-eating "mother", a mysterious man on a bicycle and an ornate Transylvanian hotel where a Countess (Delphine Seyrig) and her assistant (Andrea Rau) lament that their world hardly has any remaining virgins, and thus the Countess’ ritual of bathing in the blood of 800 virgins for her healthy sheen, is beginning to wane. The first two Godfather films, to say nothing of The Conversation and Apocalypse Now, set an impossible standard to live up to in the annals of popular cinema, and when Coppola wanted to get weird, the reaction was either indifferent or straight-up rancorous, despite the director’s tremendous skill and evocative artistry still being evident in nearly every frame. The concept of living to see every advancement of human society has splintered into literature and folklore in many different ways. Nadja spins the myth of both Dracula and Van Helsing, the latter being represented by a befuddled Martin Donovan and a rambling Peter Fonda. Maddin incorporates colored lenses, outdated effects, modern dance and ballet, intertitles in action scenes, and sensationally physical performances in this enigmatic and wildly inventive whatsit, and his seemingly impulsive formal decisions come to reflect the strange urges, sudden changes of heart, and unending hunger for pleasure that underline the tale of the cordial beast who requires blood for sustenance. Lili Taylor stars as a philosophy student who’s hungry for knowledge before she gets bit by a vampire in a New York alleyway and then gets “the hunger” for blood. Perhaps the most beloved lore that’s been spun out of eternal life has been the vampire. In The Addiction we meet Lili Taylor at a very strange time at the start of her new life and she’s not yet developed a system to fill her stomach with the same composure that she fills her mind. The first half follows some natural born killers (George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino) as they rob banks and convenience stores in a crime spree that’s headed for south of the border. The Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor on Television is presented annually by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films, honoring the work of actors in science fiction, fantasy, and horror fiction on television. The first movie was a great introductory chapter into the life of Wesley Snipes’ day-walking assassin. CC Read more Often unrecognized as the first successful Marvel Entertainment production, Blade stars Wesley Snipes as the titular superhero: a half-vampire who possesses superhuman abilities and uses his powers to fight against the race of vampires led by Deacon Frost (Stephen Dorff), who aims to defeat humanity and control the world. Eight decades later, John Malkovich starred as Murnau in this behind-the-scenes tale of the making of the film, which reveals that its lead actor (played perfectly by Willem Dafoe) is actually a vampire. Publicité | There are no discussion topics on this book yet. From Nosferatu to What We Do in the Shadows, bloodsuckers have had more than a century on the silver screen in our list of the best vampire movies, ranked. What’s what, you say immersive mods … His take on the Dracula lore, specifically, was dismissed as nothing more than a camp item at best, with lead actors Gary Oldman, Winona Ryder, and Keanu Reeves receiving some critical bruises along the way. There have been numerous films based on Carmilla, an 1872 Gothic novella by Irish author Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu and one of the early works of vampire fiction, predating Bram Stoker's Dracula (1897) by 26 years. Flight of the Conchords' Jermaine Clement co-wrote, co-directed, and co-starred in this comedy alongside Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi as 8,000-year-old vampires who share a flat in Wellington, New Zealand. For the past few decades there have been many sex films involving the vampire; Belgium’s Daughters of Darkness is the most artful and moody of the spicy lot. Marvel.com is the official site of Marvel Entertainment! After creating two of the best South Korean movies ever made in the aughts with Oldboy and Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, Chan-wook unleashed Lady Vengeance, in which the violence continued to be pummeling yet critical and the turns of the plot remained unpredictable. Chris Sarandon’s vampire was the best part of the original film and Colin Farrell’s aggressive, playful performance as the vampire who wants a taste of Yelchin’s character’s mom (Toni Collette) nearly steals this entire movie away as well, but Gillespie is too restless an artist to let that happen. List of the best vampire anime, ranked from best to worst by other fans of the genre. https://www.senscritique.com/liste/Films_Vampires_et_Loups_Garous/760800 Warhol’s sex god Joe Dallesandro (always the candy, never the actor; he brandishes a thick Brooklyn accent here) has taken it upon himself to take the virginity of every woman in the Italian countryside to starve Dracula out. The winners are listed in bold Thirst is not the only vampire movie to offer us a priest as a vampire, but it certainly does it best. BONUS MENTION: Da Sweet Blood of Jesus, Spike Lee's remake of Ganja & Hess, was on the bubble of the top 25 and deserves a mention here; Lee's remake reflects his feelings as a wealthy older black American, but also goes as far as to tie his own obsession with style and his own artistry with his monstrous emotional side. 7 Awesome Halloween Costume Ideas for Men. Luckily Taylor encounters a silky-tongued Christopher Walken—as a nightwalking spiritual guide—who gives her a lesson on how to adapt to her new affliction. — Perri Nemiroff. Each century of filmmaking has experienced more than one peak vampire moment, where the lore needed to be recycled into something fresh and new, before totally sucking. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Rice's vampire tale is a devilishly inviting Hulu pick. Ever since Bram Stoker published Dracula, the quintessential vampire tale, in 1897, Western culture has seen a particular obsession with the monsters. Cage, bless him, goes all in on the deranged character and his intensity powers this wicked and wickedly funny satire of 1980s financial mentality. D is an outcast and renowned vampire hunter, with skills for hunting the creatures of the night that is accepted amongst humans. From Dusk Till Dawn is the two-films-in-one low-fi experience that Grindhouse was supposed to be. Tom Waits makes for a great Renfield, but the film belongs to Oldman, who plays each version of the Dracula character with a lurid uninhibitedness, making his very presence summon feelings of liberation and damnation in equal measures. Count Dracula was always a bit of a seducer, but Paul Morrissey (and producer Andy Warhol) gave us a hilariously impotent Dracula (Udo Kier) in Blood for Dracula. After a strange encounter, Cage’s financial pinhead begins believing he’s turning into a vampire and his belief in the tenants of vampire lore takes him into dark corners of his psyche. Browse official Marvel movies, characters, comics, TV shows, videos, & more. This Dracula’s body is growing incredibly weak because—after centuries of feeding on virgin necks—it's become harder and harder to find virgin women to drink from. The Christ-Loving Keitel is there to provide some guilt for enjoying this so much. You could call this Francis Ford Coppola's Bram Stoker's Dracula, but that title would be too unwieldy. So I’ve compiled a list of mods that will enhance your vampire experience in Skyrim and take it to the next level. – Chris Cabin. As such, Blade II is as remarkable for how fun it is while still packing in plenty of creative oomph. His assistant suggests they go to Italy where families still have staunch Catholic values and thus the women will be pure. Here are the 20 best movies to feature vampires—some classic, some twisted, some sexy, and all indelibly alluring. What Jordan excels at with Byzantium is elaborately displaying blood—from decapitations, waterfalls, and bandages—with a can't-look-away voyeurism POV. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, Here Are the Best Halloween Movies on Hulu, The 50 Best Halloween Costumes Worn by Celebrities, 15 Sinister Cocktails for Halloween Drinking, 20 Halloween Movies for People Who Hate Horror, Here Are the 20 Best TV Halloween Episodes, Here Are the Best Horror Movies on Hulu Right Now, The Best 2019 Pop Culture Halloween Costume Ideas, New Line Cinema/Warner Bros./Miramax Films/Sony Pictures Classics. Just like many of the vampires on this list have to adapt to the times, so do the films themselves. Gunn explores the transformation and way of being in ways that touch on painful, complex history and societal issues that are hard to move off the table. You'd be correct in assuming that a vampire movie starring Nicolas Cage would be absolutely batshit insane. From a screenplay by David S. Goyer, who would later help establish “gritty and grounded” as the order of business for the DC universe with The Dark Knight Trilogy and Man of Steel, Blade integrates vampire culture believably into the underworld of contemporary society with a goth raver bent that makes them seem like a bunch of blood-thirsty tools. Here, morning wood is literally killing the Count. Her relationship with Hess (Night of the Living Dead's Duane Jones), a vampiric anthropologist who has a remarkable hold on his powers, is short-lived but mesmerizing in its distinct view of race and history. What We Do in the Shadows is a mockumentary about four vampire flatmates and it takes an absolutely delightful approach to exploring creature clichés in a deadpan, reality show-like manner. He uses syringes to get his blood and he’s a master seducer like I’m the King of Peru. Watch Korean Drama genre from around the world subbed in over 100 different languages Les meilleurs films de vampire. It’s appropriate. Decades later, there’s no movie that looks even remotely like this and the number of oddities at its artistic caliber is minuscule. This tale of a sinful priest who turns bloodsucker and begins a rapturous, intensely physical relationship with the woman he feasts on is tonally audacious as well as formally rigorous. All films within this list feature either the end of the world, a prelude to such an end (such as a world taken over by a viral infection), and/or a post-apocalyptic setting. Catherine Deneuve plays a seductive immortal in early '80s New York City—a woman who is as stylish as she is beautiful. 5. There’s a cutting sense of menace to the entire production and rather than play the classic tale as soberly frightening, the director goes for the psychological madness, disbelief, and uncertainty of becoming a creature that is sustained on blood alone. For centuries, Dracula was a sorcerer of sexuality and men had to hunt him down and physically impale him to protect their pure women. Sultry bloodsuckers have graced our silver screen for more than a century. In this version of Fright Night, he’s the rupturing vision of what the planned community where the film is set tries to cover up, namely a good, healthy thrill that could take your life under the right circumstances or, more accurately, if he skips a feeding one day. But a reunion with his devoted lover Eve (Tilda Swinton) reignites his passion for life—that is until her wild little sister comes in to shake things up. https://www.vodkaster.com/listes-de-films/les-films-de-vampires Del Toro brought in a layer of thematic fascination with physicality, monster politics, and the dangerous ideas that spawn from purity. — Brian Formo. Any other actor arrives in this role, and it’s a clever but innocuous curiosity that gets whispered about at conventions. Get Over Here! 2 Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992) Columbia Pictures And Snipes does so with aplomb in a tremendously athletic performance, as he slices, shoots and stakes his way through his immortal foes with impeccable physical command. Stefan represented safety and stability, but Elena and Damon's romance was a love that truly consumed them. You Can Listen to the New ‘Mortal Kombat’ Movie’s Techno Syndrome Theme Right Now, More The filmmaker is also smart to give the movie some comedic relief via David Tennant’s magic man, and Farrell rightly makes his vampire’s seduction skills the most prominent power in his arsenal. The most comprehensive image search on the web. We could list more than 25 films here, but we narrowed it down to a number low enough that you can tell us how much we suck for leaving off your favorite. And Romero’s fascination with the tale of the bloodsuckers seems to come from a near-clinical place, until you get toward the end of this twisted, menacing whatsit. This is a list of apocalyptic feature-length films. Depuis des centaines d'années, à l'insu des humains, se déroule un combat sans merci entre deux races immortelles : vampires contre lycans, un peuple sauvage proche des loups-garous de nos légendes… (NOTE: Year refers to year of eligibility, the actual ceremonies are held the following year.) With nudity and sexual proclivity loosened across the first world’s film boards, the vampire film finally got to embrace the eroticism of the genre in the 70s. Playing a club-hopping yuppie in '80s Manhattan, Cage's character slowly loses his mind—culminating in his obsessive belief that he's turning into a vampire. It’s fun that way, no? A small Alaska town prepares for an annual polar night, a month-long period when the sun disappears from the horizon. There’s no attempt to make Crow into a role model. There have been some absolutely great vampire movies. Harry Kümel’s film is grindhouse fare for those who prefer a touch of class. And Seyrig, a veteran of international arthouse films for Alain Resnais and Chantal Ackerman, provides one of the classiest femme vampires, while Rau is one of the most alluring—particularly when her silky seduction movements perfectly compliment the serenely surprising trap-door score. He evinces a dark sheen that never tips over to grimness, working with a lot of magic-hour lighting and night scenes, in which aesthetic beauty mixes with elusive acts of horror. Vampires got a bad name after the Twilight series took off, but these shows prove that they aren't all glitter and glam. Roman Polanski directed and starred in this spoofy comedy, which also featured his future wife Sharon Tate, playing the bumbling apprentice to a vampire hunter named Professor Abronsius. – Chris Cabin. Of all the vampire movies on this list, Only Lovers Left Alive is probably the most human. Then, Dracula (Zhang Qiang-wei), takes a bite out of her within the first ten minutes, whereas the original tale has this occurring much later, and that’s not even the half of what Maddin does here. 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Romero (Night of the Living Dead) movies that get ignored when talk of the master’s legacy comes up. Neil Jordan has double-dipped in the vampire genre, and although his Interview With the Vampire is his most well-known work, we’re giving his visually arresting but chillingly distant Byzantium the nod here. F. W. Murnau's landmark silent horror film Nosferatu launched the vampire movie genre when it was released in 1922. As always with Del Toro, his populism has never seemed to disrupt his artistry. Enter a newlywed couple who’ve already fallen out of love with each other (she is Swedish, and thus not of “good blood”, hardly a concern of a vampire) and are thirsty to explore each other lovers, and you’ve got a hotel fit for psycho-sexual exploration and feastings. Almereyda’s movie haunts in ways that so many other movies on such subjects merely thrill, and rarely in memorable ways, mind you. The 60 Best Movies to Stream on Netflix Right Now, The 14 Best Tracksuits to Wear Every Damn Day, He Invented a Pasta That Puts Spaghetti to Shame, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. It's probably one of the most homoerotic movies ever made, and it introduced the world to Kirsten Dunst, who plays a maniacal child vampire. Check Out This Mod. When her companion (David Bowie) begins to fade, she sets her sights on a new lover: a doctor played by Susan Sarandon. Quels sont les meilleurs films de vampires ? 96%: Psycho (1960) 103: 65. He is despondent and she attempts to bring him back to life and stop looking at the dark side of things. Blade (1998) Sorti dans les 90's, Blade a choisi de mettre en avant la facette futuriste du vampire, … The film is shot well, strewn with good use of gore and impactful action sequences, and sports a solid cast that also includes Mark Boone Jr., Sheryl Lee, and Maximilian Schell. — Brian Formo, The second best of John Carpenter’s interesting but largely dramatically lacking 1990s output, Vampires expresses a kind of hard-nosed brand of bad-assery that other directors have attempted to pull off but few have ever even brushed up against. But blood isn't the only thing he lusts after once he reconnects with a childhood friend and meets the man's beautiful wife. Almereyda likes playing with the historical knowledge and experience accumulated by such creatures, as well as the psychological traumas they can adopt from their bestial ways, but that doesn’t make Nadja any less menacing. Del Toro turned the next chapter into facing one’s roots as a beast as much as a hero. The story is narrated by a young woman preyed upon by a female vampire named Carmilla, later revealed to be Mircalla, Countess Karnstein (Carmilla is an anagram of Mircalla). Tom Holland’s film was better as a 2011 remake, but the original is a nice time capsule that used horror as the connection to adolescence and peeping. Fright Night is a gleeful connector between the cinema of voyeurism that Brian De Palma had perfected at the beginning of the 80s—with films like Body Double, Blow Out and Dressed to Kill—and the teen comedy that consistently pitted the less popular boys and girls against their accomplished counterparts. Some are sexy, some are serious, some are hilarious. For a moment, the Blade franchise looked to have the same galvanizing appetite for auteur talent as Mission Impossible, and with Blade II, Guillermo Del Toro created a better film (pound for pound) than the original and was able to branch out the story in a way that gave him cart blanche to craft creatures and wild characters. Korean auteur Park Chan-wook directed this inspired adaptation of Émile Zola's classic novel Thérèse Raquin, giving it a surprising horror bent. All of them are a little scary. Directed by Ricky Lau. Avengers: End Game was an epic conclusion to Marvel's long-running saga, but (despite appearances) cinema is about more than when the next comic book movie is out. The result of all of this is at once a cracking satire of gender roles and sexism as well as a ravishing, blood-soaked vampire story for the ages. Esquire participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Découvrez les meilleurs films de vampires, comme : Hôtel Transylvanie, Hôtel Transylvanie 2, The Last Man on Earth To maintain eternal life they must pierce the neck and suck the blood of a living human. Great take on a vampire film. Viago (Taika Waititi), Vlad (Jemaine Clement), Deacon (Jonathan Brugh) and Petyr (Ben Fransham) all turned during different time periods, which leads to some brilliant spins on familiar issues like doing the dishes, getting into nightclubs, adapting to new technology and so much more. Along with their two roommates, the vampires struggle with keeping up with modern-day life as they're unable to go out during the day—that is until they turn an intended victim into a new vampire and bond with him and his best friend, Stu. Mais d’un autre côté, Simon cherche à rencontrer par Internet des adolescentes souhaitant se suicider. Cage’s energy, when summoned in the right direction, is a thing to behold and anyone who has seen David Lynch’s Wild at Heart will attest to that fact. Blade certainly isn’t the best vampire movie to come out of the 90s, but it is one of the most kick ass. This is one of Delena's most passionate moments in The Vampire Diaries and highlights the difference between Elena's relationship with Damon as opposed to her love for Stefan. Klaus Kinski and Isabelle Adjani star in Werner Herzog's remake of Murnau's Nosferatu, a stylistic marvel that earned critical acclaim and box office success across the world. The story follows D, an infamous creature born of a vampire father and human mother known as a “dunpeal”. On a mission in Transylvania, the duo encounter the devious Count von Krolock and must defeat him to save a small village from certain doom. Every product was carefully curated by an Esquire editor. The Vampire Hunter D film is one of my favorites. Tyler Coates is the Senior Culture Editor at Esquire.com. Jordan's film is eerie, feminist, and a bit meandering. Directed by: Andrew HaighStarring: Charlotte Rampling, Tom Courtenay Two giants of British screen acting, surprisingly working together for the first time, make a combustible double-act in this Norfolk-set two-hander. After a botched vaccination experiment, a Catholic priest becomes a vampire. Nosferatu, a Symphony of Horror (Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens) (Nosferatu the Vampire) (1922) 67: 63. Eternal life has been mortals quest since, well, for eternity really. Murnau’s lead vampire in that 1922 film was so convincingly played by Max Schreck (in his only film credit) that director E. Elias Merhige deliciously postulates that Schreck was indeed a vampire hired by Murnau and promised a human sacrifice in return for his authentic film. This is a man who could live forever as long as he lived in an era of purity. 21. And while the famed Godfather director's adaptation of the seminal vampire novel does teeter off the edge into vampire mania, it's still a lush, faithful, and star-studded version of the classic horror tale with Gary Oldman delivering a tour-de-force performance as the blood-sucking villain. Robert Rodriguez’s film is equally fascinated by the depravity of the night demons as he is with the sadistic brothers. It's probably one of the most homoerotic movies ever made, and it introduced the world to Kirsten Dunst, who plays a maniacal child vampire. When the woman becomes more confident in her state than the man, Thirst becomes genuinely unsettling and frightening in its mapping of their sexual relationship. A fight breaks out for the club’s siren (Salma Hayek) and then the second genre flick kicks in because the Twister is a coven for vampires and anyone who lives is going to have to fight until dawn. There's something universally terrifying about undead bloodsuckers that stalk their prey at night (and sometimes convert their victims to vampires, too), so it makes sense that the horror genre is awash with movies about vampires (many of which are modeled on Stoker's novel, either directly or loosely). Told from the viewpoint of a forever young vampire (Saoirse Ronan)—who only preys on those already at death's door—she writes about her vampire mother (Gemma Arterton) as half tragic, half inspiring, because she's a woman who's never been able to evolve beyond the world's oldest profession (selling her body), but who also chose to become a vampiric being when that was reserved solely for men. But with the excruciatingly long night becomes a lot more terrifying when a band of bloodsuckers arrive with plans to feast on the town's residents. The 12-year-old Oskar lives a lonely life in Stockholm with his mother, where he's regularly bullied by his class mates. Tom Cruise stars as charismatic but selfish bloodsucker Lestat, alongside Brad Pitt's Louis, who's turned by Lestat in 1791. Adam (Tom Hiddleston) is a depressed musician who cannot handle the existential dread of everyday life. As always, let us know if your favorite made the cut, if we hipped you to something new you wanna see, or if you’ll never read us again because we’re not fans of vampires who sparkle or run in packs of Coreys. The movie is dry to be sure, but it’s a fascinatingly skeletal melodrama, powered by an anxious fury, a rueful genius, and palpable self-excoriation. The Irishman, Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, Pain & Glory and Parasite jostle for top spot in our poll of the best movies of 2019 – but the winner is an uncompromised and deeply moving film by … The film co-stars notable Warhol superstar Joe Dallesandro and features a cameo from Roman Polanski. It looks like a sitcom, the acting is strictly competent, and if there are scary scenes, I’ve missed them three times now, after a variety of people insisted I give it a second shot. This new tactic has become part of his stylistic habits as a writer and director, and Thirst was the first time where it felt like he was pushing his style into an entirely new realm of thought and perspective. Murnau’s Nosferatu, they should also relish Shadow of the Vampire. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. – Haleigh Foutch. It’s all the more reason to sing the praises of Craig Gillespie’s remake of the film, starring the late Anton Yelchin (it’s still not easy to type that) as the young man who begins suspecting that his neighbor is a vampire. With Cage flailing around and fully conveying the unhinged side of belief, Vampire’s Kiss deserves a reputation as much a great cult movie as it is simply a great movie.

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