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book and in the process control training resources. 0.062 (1.6 mm) MIG Wire. One wire feed turn is 70 ipm = approx 8 lb/hr. Now I have finally got down to figuring out the real costs of the manual MIG welds, I will see if we can do anything about creating weld cost reductions with the use of my robot. You could ask three of the most experienced weld personnel in your organization, what weld deposition rate per/hr is achieved with the wire feeds set at 420 inch/min, and also would we be better off using an 0.052 (1.4 mm) wire set at 350 inch/min? If a manufacturing facility if the key management don't know what it takes for process optimization they will not demand it from the people who should be responsible. WITH A PROCESS IN WHICH THE ONLY CONSTANT IS THE WIRE FEED RATE, it's unfortunate that some Japanese robot programs provide "amps" but do not provide the robot wire feed rates used. Weld productivity increases from 24 to 30 parts. The vertical down welds not only have to attain minimum weld dilution with consistent weld fusion on the carbon steel boiler tubes. Check out my unique, simple weld clock process control methods. 12 o'clock. 10 cuft x 13 cents = MIG gas cost of $1.30 an hour, or gas cost per part is approx. water wall boiler longevity and weld cost benefits could be attained mm/sec x 2.362 = ipm Wire set at 350 ipm x 60 min = 21000 inch. [6] The time required to weld all the parts. A 3/8 (9 mm butt 60 degree Single Vee 1/8 root 0.55 lb/per foot, A 1/2 (13mm butt 60 degree Single vee 1/8 root 0.85 lb/per foot. kj/inch x 39.37 = kj/m gal/hr x 0.06309 = liter/min Plus the facility will have lost 12000 production hours. Is it therefore reasonable to expect that all the weld personnel at your company should be aware of the optimum wire feed settings and weld deposition rate potential for these weld sizes? The weld reality is the weld industry is too many weld supervisors are more interested in ensuring the weld personnel Welders arc on time 30 minutes so welder will use approx. 3673 inch = one pound. The welds were in accordance with the ABS welder qualification requirements and with the information from the yard's weld procedures. The 0.045 filler metal cost $0.90 cents/lb x 4.4 lbs/part = $3.96 per part, or the MIG wire cost for 500 parts is $1980.00. The weld labor overhead is $25/hr. 0.045 (1.2 mm) MIG Wire. One thing easily measured at any weld shop which employs personnel that understand MIG - Flux Cored Weld Process Controls, is the Weld Shop Efficiency with the arc weld processes and weld wires most utilized. 압력관련 기준서를 들여다 보면 어떤 것은 N/mm2으로 표기되고 어떤 것은 kgf , 또 다른 자료에서는 MPa 등등 각각 다른 단위를 사용하여 표기한 것을 종종 볼 수 있다. mm/sq x 0.001550 = in/sq How long will it take to complete the job and what will be the welding cost? Divide by 512 ipm = one pound. You wont find info simplified like this at Lincoln. km/hr x 0.027777 = m/sec WIRE 1mm area = 0.006193 cm/sq As with all my training programs, the training enables each individual to achieve weld process optimization for the flux cored consumables utilized and for the all position, vee groove, ceramic backed, or open root applications. The ABS welder qualification test also had little in common with the weld requirements and weld application variables which are typically found in any ship yard. Expertise". Two important Industries that rarely have control of their weld costs or their quality. $100,000 = for a total training costs for the 300 welders. We are welding with an 0.045 (1.2 mm) MIG wire, and an argon - 15% CO2 cylinder mix. at 20 minutes. 3/32 (2.4 mm) Submerged Arc Wire set at 350 ipm x 60 = 2100 inch. ALUMINUM HOW MANY POUNDS OF MIG WIRE REQUIRED? THE PROCESS IS NOT OPTIMIZED? Manual MIG weld speed 10 ipm. ft/sq x 0.09290 = m/sq, ipm x 0.4233 mm/sec WIRE 0.8 mm area = 0.00458 cm/sq cuft/min x 28.31 = liters/min. cu/cm x 0.000035315 = cuft Divide by 1664 = 12.6 lb/hr. As the most common weld in most weld shops is the 6 mm (1/4) fillet, take note that approx. Welders arc on time 30 minutes so welder will use approx. Each structure has approximately 5000 feet of 1/4 fillet welds. ft/sec x 0.3048 = m/sec Impact Strength, Metric = Joules = J 4.4 lbs of filler metal required per trailer. j/inch x 39.37 = j/m The 500 parts require 2200 pounds of weld metal, divide by the 8 lb/hr, this job will require 275 man hours. Some of you may wonder what's the difference between this type of weld training program and the MIG and flux cored weld training you could expect in any North American, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, European ship yard or any manufacturing facility? [5] The total weld only costs per / trailer. Remember with large fillet and groove welds the best practice in welding is to use 1/4 fillet stringer beads. The above table tells you that a 1/4 6 mm fillet requires 0.11 lb/foot of weld. Wire set at 350 ipm x 60 ipm = 21000 inch. WITH AN 0.035 (1mm) STEEL OR STAINLESS WIRE, EACH WIRE FEED TURN WILL DELIVER 1.1 (1 lb) POUND PER TURN: SET THE WIRE FEED CONTROL AT THE 3 O'CLOCK POSITION, THATS EIGHT TURNS (8 x70 = 560 inch/min) AND THAT WIRE FEEDER IS DELIVERING 8 - 9 LBS/HR. IT'S BEEN MY EXPERIENCE AT THE NORTH AMERICAN SHIP YARDS THAT I WHEN MANAGERS HAVE PROCESS CONTROL - BEST PRACTICE EXPERTISE,IT'S EASY TO GENERATE MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR COST SAVINGS PER-SHIP: IT'S BEEN MY EXPERIENCE AT THE NORTH AMERICAN SHIP YARDS THAT I WAS INVOLVED WITH, TO FIND EXTENSIVE EXPERTISE WITH THE SMAW (STICK) PROCESS, WHILE MIG AND FLUX CORED WELD PROCESS CONTROL AND BEST WELD PRACTICE EXPERTISE WAS USUALLY IN SHORT SUPPLY WITH THE PERSONNEL THAT WERE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE WELDS. Tom also assisted with the program in both the classroom and hands on training. 2222 inch = one pound. [7] Total weld cost per trailer. Each year WSI can use approx one million pounds of Inconel 625-622 and 300 series stainless MIG wires for cladding water wall tubes. This training provides instant dramatic improvements in their weld ability as you can see with this before and after weld. 4 pounds per/hr. Divide by 1152 = 18 lb/hr. In contrast to the manual welders, the robots enable faster weld spreeds and longer arc on time per/hr. [6] eliminating the causes of the robot down time. Lets look at OTHER weld cost. cm/sec x 0.32808 = ft/sec the cost of a ROBOT WELD. The welders average arc on time each hour is 20 minutes per-hr, depositing 4 lbs/hr or 32 lb/ per-eight shift. Ed optimized Robot MIG welds on all these applications and numerous more. When are you going to arrange weld process control training for all the employees involved with weld decisions? Using a robot for the trailer reduced the manual MIG weld costs to $18.75 per trailer. 0.052 (1.6 mm) MIG Wire. Labor, weld wire and gas therefore cost $25 Divide the $25 by 30 parts and you have approximately $0.83 per - part for a saving of 17 cents (17 %) per-part, all from MIG weld process (deposition) awareness, and simple single turn of the wire feed control knob. Watt per meter kelvin w/m.k ROBOTS AND AND WELD COSTS: Wire set at 350 ipm x 60 min = 21000 inch. All weld decision makers should be aware of what wire feed settings can be used in the weld transfer mode selected and with the part thickness welded. In contrast, the last time I sat down with Lincoln or was it that Hobart rep? The job requires 275 hrs x $2.40 = $660 for the gas. mpa x 0.145 = ksi. The wire cost for 500 trailers is 2310 pounds x $0.90 = $2079. 5 cents. [3] controlling the weld size and length. At least four parts an hour produced. cost of $172,000.00. Divide by 3673 = 5.7 lb/hr. If using flux cored wires, add 20% to the wire recommendations. More than ever people ask nowadays: "What gears to choose for my bicycle?". A 3/4 (19mm fillet requires 1.09 lbs of weld wire per foot of weld. Weld process control and consumable knowledge is the key component to implementing effective BEST WELD PRACTICES - WELD PROCESS CONTROLS. The 1/4 (6mm) fillet weld requires approx. Quoting the manual MIG welding trailer costs can be simple. This is one good reason to think a little less about spending thousands on over priced pulsed MIG welding equipment and a little more about investing a few hundred dollars for providing Ed's MIG process- Control - Best Practice programs. In an other area of the shop, again after again playing around with the WF control, the new digital wire feeders (ABOVE) were again set at 420 inch/min, (10.5 m/min). 2222 inch = one pound. To this add the actual training costs of approx. $500,000. The robot costs for welding the trailers was $6.875.00. The manual labor costs for the same parts was $13.750.00. Then ask your self, "how many personnel involved with weld decisions in this weld shop are aware of the real costs of a yard or meter of that common fillet weld cost? (24 - 26 pounds per-8 hour shift). He is a robot weld technician at a car plant, so it looks like we will have to cut out his "play around organ" One wire feed turn is 70 ipm = approx 8 lb/hr. $$20 an hour. 60 minutes. 80% of the North American boilers. THE MIG WELD WIRE COST. Weld Process Controls & Best Weld Practices. Also an unreported fact from this yard was the qualified changes that I made also dramatically increased the flux cored wire feed rates, (weld deposition rates), increasing the yard daily weld productivity in the range from 20 to 40%. 0.035 (1 mm) MIG Wire. Divide by 1664 = 12.6 lb/hr. 6 pounds of steel or stainless wire each hour. x 1.49 = kg/m Divide by 3673 = 5.7 lb/hr. Total Train cost, 2400 man/hrs for an approx. 3 lb/hr or 0.125 lbs/per part. I hope you find that my clock method and simple approach to weld costs helps. This carbon steel E70S-6 MIG wire cost $1 per- lb. These shops freely have large budgets for the QA department personnel who's goal in life is to FIND WELD DEFECTS, AFTER THE WELDS ARE COMPLETE. 60 minutes. Don't bother e-mailing me their confused replies. (업무지식) tig, mig, mag, co2 용접 구분법 (0) 2019.05.24 (업무지식) 경도 환산표 (0) 2018.11.14 (업무지식) 압력 단위 환산 mpa, kgf, ksi, psi, n/mm2 (1) 2018.11.14 (업무지식) 원형 파이프 무게 구하는 공식 (0) 2018.11.14 (업무지식) 육각환봉 무게 구하는 방법 (0) 2018.11.14 Aker is an international ship builder and this ship building yard was located in the Philadelphia Naval Ship Yard. Five hundred trailers were required by the Smith Corporation. For phone weld resolutions call Ed at 828 337 2695. When are you going to get a grip of weld costs? single clad weld passes and unique [d] Lack awareness of the weld deposition rate potential for a specific weld and the parameters selected. In most instance those responsible for the welds at the plants, did not have a clue or show an interset in what he was doing. Thermal Conductivity, Joules Per inch = Volts x Amps x 60, Divide by weld speed ipm One wire feed turn is 70 ipm = approx 2lb/hr. The gas flow is 30 cuft/hr with the welders arc on time is 20 min. FEW WILL BE ABLE TO TELL YOU THE COST OF A 1/4 FILLET WELD THREE FEET IN LENGTH, BUT MANY IN THE FRONT ODDICE WILL TELL YOU You now know on average a manual MIG weld uses 10 cuft.hr of gas x 138 hrs requires 1380 cuft add 15% as a cushion, 1587 cuft. The cost of labor is 550 man hours x $25hr = $13,750.00 for the 500 trailers. WHEN MANAGERS HAVE WELD PROCESS CONTROLS & BEST WELD PRACTICE EXPERTISE, IT'S EASY TO GENERATE MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR COST SAVINGS PER-SHIP: During the first four months of 2007, I presented my unique, manual, gas shielded flux cored process control training programs to Aker Kvaerner. These clad welds required 28% less Inconel or stainless per square foot of water wall weld. The manual welding job as discussed required 550 1152 inch = one pound. A 1/4 fillet requires 0.11 lbs of weld wire per foot of weld. HOW DO I KNOW HOW MUCH WELD WIRE TO ORDER ? AS THEY KEEP ON GIVING.

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