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The findings enhance knowledge base of intellectual capital and develop a concept of intellectual capital in acadvantages in emerging economies such as Thailand. Relative usefulness is introduced as one of the factors and is defined as the degree to which a new technology is better than exiting ones. This technological advancement has resulted in evolution and innovation of many products, services and business processes. Many of them stated that security, customer readiness and cost of initial investment were important considerations when deciding to adopt Internet technologies. Internet banking has been widely studied in the developed countries, few Traditional dating approaches typically involve a man initiating contact with a woman. Internet banking (IB) has been one of the most successful (Al-Jabri and Sohail 2012) and profitable (Lee 2009; Yuen et al. Because of the significance of the impact of the Internet on business and organizations, the Journal of Internet Commerce® is devoted to publishing articles that discuss issues vital to conducting electronic commerce on the Internet. If you are, the process is likely to be complex and cumbersome, while disconnected as supplemental steps to core financial operations. When companies are considering an IPO they must first evaluate the financial issues to decide whether it is a viable financing option, and second they must identify which channel(s) they wish to use to distribute the IPO. Prime broker services, for example, combined with an efficient processing of transactions, can facilitate enhanced international market access for local financial institutions by providing the necessary credit intermediation between multinational corporations and local financial institutions. In this paper, we will describe how a strong authentication infrastructure can be leveraged upon to deploy a very dynamic PKI system for digital signatures, without the need for smartcards. Three other banks have obtained three star ratings. 22, no. The effects of age, gender, number of years as an internet banking user were also explored. ISSN 1204-5357 (Online) | Journal of Internet banking and commerce. Editorial board members of the Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce or outside experts review manuscripts; at least two independent reviewer’s approval followed by the editor is required for the acceptance of any citable manuscript. As noted, sample was taken from students of Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Labuan International Campus. VisiCalc, later Lotus 1-2-3 and Excel, brought dynamic spreadsheets into widespread use for modeling "what if" thereby bridging the gap between time-fixed ledgers with new flexibility for handling the imaginable. The Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce is a quarterly Internet publication about current issues in electronic banking and online commerce. This study is an effort to draw together some of the e-Business models and real-life experiments that has been circling around the e-business models. Internet banking has been increasingly used as a delivery channel in retail consumer banking. Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce, 13(1) Angelakopoulos, G. & Mihiotis, A. More and more banks are turning to self-service technologies to provide customers with many channels to access products and services. converge the accounting of interest bearing assets, or integration from start to finish initial strategic business planning to forensic analysis. However, even as multinational finance systems, enterprise resource planning, and accounting processes infiltrated every organization, financial accounting technology has not advanced in tandem with business complexities. Internet Banking as one of banking distribution channels (Bank Negara Malaysia, 2009). We find that both perceived ease of use and privacy policy have a significant impact on user's adoption of online banking. The paper also outlined the opportunities and threats for banks due to the introduction of new technology as well as how banks are taking advantage of the opportunities and also attempting to remedy the threats. Results suggest that although the banking sector in the United Arab Emirates is a regional leader, internet banking in the United Arab Emirates is yet to be properly utilized as a real added value tool to improve customer relationship and to attain cost advantages. The paper analyses a comparison of various models using metric method. The study found that while foreign banks are marginally more sophisticated at information provision level, domestic banks offer a significantly higher level of transactional facilities in both years. Modern fast-evolving technology is constantly bringing new dimensions to our daily life. This is the purpose of this paper. The different elements of the metric include revenue generation, value proposition, infrastructure etc. Such a pro-active engagement should involve a focused seeking-out of new ways to deliver financing, liquidity management, FX and related services to international multinational firms. This paper focuses on defining the factors influencing mobile banking adoption and aims at forming a model describing consumer behaviour patterns. Perceived ease of use is of less importance than privacy and security. Review process involves the Editorial Tracking System. E-Mail: [email protected], Enter your email address to receive all news (2008). 23, no. The model used is similar to that proposed by Diniz in 1998, with an additional factor on security measures. More changes have been seen over the last 30 years then over the last 300 years of banking ⁄money lending. This study adopts the Diniz (1998) model to evaluate websites of foreign and local banks in the United Arab Emirates and through a survey of users ascertains factors that influence customer satisfaction of the internet banking service. The technology is called, One Time Private Key (OTPK). Journal Impact Factor: 3.35. They are increasingly viewing the Internet as a key alternative delivery channel. Ex: Photocopiers, fax machines, credit cards, and mobile phones, ATMs, PCs and now Internet. The findings indicate that both the adoption intent and the perception of Internet banking users differ markedly from cell phone banking users. An explosion of new technologies has taken place within the retail environment. Answer: Introduction. The data of this paper was gathered in Finland during spring 2003 by using non-participatory observation as a research method. There are number of challenges need to be faced by Malaysian banks, however, the opportunity in this industry is high due to the current trend especially application and development of ICT. Reviewers can download manuscripts and submit their opinions to the editor. attitude of the Muslim internet users may bring negative consequences for the overall success of e-commerce environment. However, there is no specific strategy for exploiting the opportunities offered by Internet. Customers will not be able to utilize internet banking without internet connectivity. Even though multimedia banking is well available in the market banks are generally facing immense challenges in attracting visitors to their websites. The aim of this paper is to explore the drivers and inhibitors of customers's Internet banking adoption in the Sultanate of Oman. Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce Key Factor Analysis Another strategic challenge facing banking institutions today is the growing and changing needs and expectations of consumers in tandem with increased education levels and growing wealth. Besides, slow response to eFiling was mainly because of people’s habit of completing - their assessment at last minute. return process to e- Filing because of their inability to use Internet and less computer skill. Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce, November 2016, vol. This, in turn, has led to a concentration of contracting for financial services with global and strong regional banks, primarily in Western countries by corporate treasuries. In this context, the development and adoption of standardisation in informational linkages can become a crucial component in remote and centralised decision-making by providing a mechanism for re-engaging financial service providers in emerging markets in the execution of financial services with limited intermediation from global or regional banks. The best practice is indicated, together with improvements for the future. This study evaluates the service quality of Internet banking in Malaysia. ATMs, phone banking, Internet banking, and more recently, mobile banking have considerably improved the interaction between user and bank. To identify factors influencing satisfaction of internet banking customers, data was collected from internet banking users in the United Arab Emirates. Although carefully collected, accuracy cannot be guaranteed. The use of PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) for digital signatures on these transactions will give the banks the legal recourse and protection (through the digital signature laws) to launch more products over the Internet or push for more B-to-B straight-through processing for greater business efficiencies. There are several underlying forces coming together have caused theE-banking development in Malaysia. In contrast, recent studies associate a significantly positive impact on internet banking on banks' performance. The aim of this paper is to discuss the different security measures that are to be considered in Virtual banking system, to share the fundamental concept behind the security technology and to understand the relative advantages and limitations of different approaches. Royal Bank, The Pursuit of a New Virtual Strategy, June 24, 1999, Some leading academic ICT-law programmes in the European Union, Multimedia Banking and Technology Acceptance Theories, B2B Marketers Integrate Precision Search to Boost Profitability and Increase Satisfaction Across the eCommerce Value Chain, How Banks Fit in an Internet Commerce Business Activities Model, Internet Activities among Malaysian Insurance Companies, Determinants of Internet and Cell Phone Banking Adoption in South Africa, The Adoption of Internet Banking in Nigeria: An Empirical Investigation, Internet Banking Adoption Factors in Finland, Adoption and Use of Internet Banking in the Sultanate of Oman: An Exploratory Study, The Adoption of Internet Shopping by Electronic Retail Consumers in Greece: Some Preliminary Findings, Factors Affecting The Adoption Of Mobile Banking Services, Internet Banking: An empirical investigation into the extent of adoption by banks and the determinants of customer satisfaction in the United Arab Emirates, Marketing Technologies And Practices Offer Outsourcing Providers (India) The Next Competitive Advantage, Online Shopping: Advantages over the Offline Alternative, Identity Cards and Financial Services: How will the introduction of ID cards affect financial services providers, Socio-Legal Issues Affecting the Use of Digital Signatures for Secure E-commerce Transactions: A Caribbean Perspective, E-Commerce and Internet Dating Websites: Differences in Match Options Between African-Americans and Whites, CELL SAILORS - An educational program aimed at mature customers on how to use mobile services, Alternate Architecture for Domain Name System to foil Distributed Denial of Service Attack, Meditation as Alternative Dispute Resolution in the European ICT Sector, Diffusion of Internet Banking amongst educated consumers in a high income non-OECD country, A Suitable Research Methodology for Analyzing On-line Banking Behavior, Challenges and opportunities of silent commerce - applying Radio Frequency Identification technology, Applying Standardised, Interoperable and Innovative Automated Solutions: Corporate Treasuries and the Development of Globally Connected Financial Services, Electronic Invoicing: More than Just VAT Aspects, Undergraduate Attitudes and Expectations for Mobile Banking, Inventors, Authors and Owners of Intellectual Property, Technological and organizational preconditions to Internet Banking implementation: Case of a Tunisian bank, E-Business Strategy in an Online Banking Services: A Case Study, Implementation of a Secure Internet/Mobile Banking System in Iran, Internet Banking and the Impact of Seller Support and Third Party, E-banking service quality: gaps in the Qatari banking industry, Factors Influence Development of E-Banking in Malaysia, Effective Method of Security Measures in Virtual Banking, The Evolution of Online Investment Banking, Service Quality Evaluation Of Internet Banking In Malaysia, The Impact Of Intellectual Capital On Investors’ Capital Gain On Shares: An Empirical Investigation In Thai Banking, Finance & Insurance Sector, E-Banking in Malaysia: Opportunity and Challenges, A framework for evaluating e-Business models and Productivity Analysis for Banking Sector in India. Previous studies on Internet usage in the financial sector in Malaysia were more focused towards the banking institutions. Leave this field blank . 2013). Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce, August 2015, vol. 3 FACTORS AFFECTING THE INTENTION OF USING INTERNET BANKING: A CASE STUDY ON ONE OF THE NATIONAL PRIVATE BANK IN INDONESIA HENNY MEDYAWATI Faculty of Economics, Head of Banking … S2 Special Issue: Recent Research on E-commerce and M-commerce Effectiveness of Social Media Networks as a Strategic Tool for Organizational Marketing Management OMOYZA ICHA BSc … The ISSN of Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce is 1204-5357 . This study investigates the discrepancy between customer's expectation and perception towards the e-banking services. Further, the increasing use of internet technology in electronic transactions raises the issue of the legality of these transactions. 21, no. Hence, Saudi banks via Internet have much to improve in their Websites. Finland is a world leader in electronic banking, and over 39.8 percent of all the banking transactions were made over the Internet. Data from 225 respondents were used to address the aim. The relative success of internet banking can be gauged by identifying the The focus of e-business must always be on the customer. As in similar developing countries, socio-legal issues in the Caribbean Region will include perception, privacy and authentication, trust and confidence, psychology and culture, internet access and cost, and increased security. Business and Management is continuous process which requires production and distribution of … Eliminating the root from this architecture eliminates the single point of failure. It also demonstrates how interoperability based on ICT standards is an essential component of such an arrangement if the risks of operating in a volatile and heterogeneous global financial environment are to be mitigated rather than just displaced or obscured. As more people use the electronic and Internet platform to carry out more sensitive and higher valued transactions, the need for organizations which operate such systems to have the ability to remotely ascertain the identity of the user becomes extremely critical.

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