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Earl Mountbatten of Burma, KG, GCB, OM, GCSI, GCIE, GCVO, DSO, PC (* 25. I am on the verge of breaking down & I cannot use my brain for anything". [10] He had been found medically unfit "on account of small, flat chest, slight lateral curvature of the spine and defective vision", but was allowed to join so as not to disappoint the Queen. Prinzessin Alice von Battenberg war die Tochter des Prinzen Ludwig von Battenberg (später Louis Mountbatten) und der Prinzessin Viktoria von Hessen-Darmstadt. [98], During the war, two of Lord Milford Haven's sisters-in-law (Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna and Grand Duchess Elizabeth Fyodorovna) were killed by the Bolsheviks in Russia. Juli 1889 auf Schloss Heiligenberg bei Darmstadt; † 7. Prince Louis had adopted British nationality and was serving as an officer in the Royal Navy. [105], This article is about the first marquess of Milford Haven. [93], During the war, persistent rumours that the British Royal Family must be pro-German, given their dynastic origins and many German relatives, prompted the King to abandon his subsidiary German dynastic titles and adopt an English surname. On 26 December 1858, he automatically became His Serene Highness Prince Louis of Battenberg when his mother was elevated to Princess of Battenberg with the style of Serene Highness, by decree of her husband's brother, Louis III, Grand Duke of Hesse. Mountbatten wurde 1892 als Seine Durchlaucht Prinz George Louis Victor Henry Serge von Battenberg geboren. No Cabinet advised by Fisher would have made such a blundering, incompetent, disastrous response to the July [1914] Crisis. [17] From June to September 1870 he took leave in Germany, coinciding with the Franco-Prussian war,[18] but he spent the next three-and-a-half years in the Americas (Bermuda and Halifax, Nova Scotia), where his tour of duty served to make up for the training he had missed while posted with the Prince of Wales on the Ariadne. On its return journey the ship on which they had travelled ran aground. In the event that Austria entered the war France would act against its naval forces, and would at minimum prevent them passing the Strait of Otranto. Louise kam als Prinzessin Louise von Battenberg zur Welt. [61] Later the same year, he was appointed as Director of Naval Intelligence in November 1902,[62][63] an apt posting for a man whom First Lord of the Admiralty the Earl of Selborne described as "the cleverest sailor I have met yet". Alice de Battenberg (en allemand : Alice von Battenberg et en grec moderne : Αλίκη του Μπάττενμπεργκ / Alíki toi Mpáttenmpergk), princesse de Battenberg puis, par son mariage, princesse de Grèce et de Danemark, est née le 25 février 1885 au château de Windsor, au Royaume-Uni, et morte le 5 décembre 1969 au palais de Buckingham, dans ce même pays. Louis Mountbatten (né prince Ludwig Alexander von Battenberg le 24 mai 1854 et mort le 11 septembre 1921), prince de Battenberg puis 1 marquis de Milford Haven, est un homme politique britannique et ancien prince allemand issu du mariage morganatique d'Alexandre de Hesse-Darmstadt et de Julia von Hauke, titrée princesse de Battenberg. Horatio Bottomley said it was "a crime against our Empire to trust our secrets of National Defence to any alien-born official". Historian Andrew Lambert described Battenberg as a sea-going admiral as "more cerebral than the average, although somewhat lazy. [82] The convention confirmed the terms of the Entente Cordiale, and placed France in command of all naval operations in the Mediterranean. Langtry was also a one-time mistress of the Prince of Wales. [12], In January of the following year, the Prince and Princess of Wales cruised the Mediterranean and Black Seas in the frigate HMS Ariadne; and the Prince of Wales requested that Louis be appointed to the vessel,[13] before his training was complete. [32][33][34], From South Africa the Inconstant sailed to St Helena, and the Cape Verde Islands, where the squadron received orders to proceed to Gibraltar, and from there to Malta and Egypt to take part in the Anglo-Egyptian War. September 1921 in London), war ein britischer Admiral hessischer Herkunft, der von 1912 bis 1914 als Erster Seelord fungierte. He was criticised for visiting his brother, Prince Alexander, who was serving with the Russian forces, but an investigation cleared both Louis and Alexander, as well as Prince Alfred, of any wrongdoing. [39], In September 1883, Queen Victoria appointed him to her yacht, HMY Victoria and Albert (1855). In the winter of 1882, they met again at Darmstadt, and were engaged the following summer. Zusammen hatten sie fünf Kinder. Ill.H. "[80], Upon the outbreak of war, gout began to cause Battenberg considerable pain, and the naval staff he had set up did not function as well as it ought to have done. [101], The marquess's elder son, George Mountbatten, who had received the courtesy title Earl of Medina, succeeded him as 2nd Marquess of Milford Haven. [47] Irish nationalist MP Willie Redmond and Liberal MP Charles Conybeare both questioned Battenberg's appointment to Dreadnought in the British House of Commons. Löydä Louis de BATTENBERG:n sukupuu ilmaiseksi, ja opi heidän sukunsa historiasta ja heidän esivanhemmista. Louis largely supported Fisher's modernising efforts, although he disapproved of his methods, and as a result Fisher's opponents attempted to prevent Louis's promotions. [77], As First Sea Lord, Battenberg was responsible to the First Lord for the readiness of the fleet and the preparation of naval strategy, as well as the development of a scheme for state insurance of merchant vessels in times of war, which was to prove essential in preventing prohibitive insurance rates that would have stifled British trade. 1. Lord Mountbatten of Burma, Königlich-Großbritischer Admiral, letzter Vizekönig von Indien (1900 bis 1979) nach Battenberg. Louis Alexander Mountbatten, Marchiz de Milford Haven ( 24 mai 1854 – 11 septembrie 1921 ), a fost prinț german înrudit cu familia regală britanică, fiu rezultat din căsătoria morganatică a tatălui său Prințul Alexandru de Hesse și Rin cu contesa Julia Hauke . "[88] Admiral of the Fleet Lord John Hay thought that the "ingeniously propagated lies" originated from Germany. Power now lay with the service's civilian head ... Winston Churchill". Geburtsdatum: 25. [10], On 3 October 1889, Battenberg was appointed to his first independent command, HMS Scout, a torpedo-cruiser, which saw service in the Red Sea. [94] On 7 November, the King created him Marquess of Milford Haven, Earl of Medina, and Viscount Alderney in the peerage of the United Kingdom. Par son père, elle est donc la petite-fille du roi Georges Ier de Grèce (1845-1913) et de la grande-duchesse Olga Constantinovna de Russie (1851-1926) tandis que, par sa mère, elle descend du prince Louis de Battenberg (1854-1921) et de la princesse Victoria de Hesse-Darmstadt (1863-1950). [84] When acceptance of Battenberg's resignation was delayed by the King's opposition to the appointment of Fisher in his place, Louis wrote to Churchill, "I beg of you to release me. [54] His careful study of both naval and military defence, as well as its interaction, led to his appointment as Assistant Director of the Naval Intelligence Division in June 1899. Das geht aus einer Erklärung hervor, in der über 40 Mitglieder der Jungen Alternative (JA) Baden-Württemberg ihren Austritt verkünden. Mehr sehen » Louise Mountbatten. Marquess of Milford Haven, GCB, GCMG, GCVO, PC, geboren als Prinz Ludwig Alexander von Battenberg (* 24. Louis's wife ceased to use her own title of Princess of Hesse and became known as the Marchioness of Milford Haven. Posts on royal yachts and tours arranged by the Queen and Edward actually impeded his progress, as his promotions were perceived as undeserved royal favours.[2]. [76] Military historian Hew Strachan contends that Battenberg "lacked Fisher's dogmatism. Oktober 1858 in Mailand; † 20. Prințul Louis de Battenberg. [32] Traditionally, there was a great deal of friction between the two services, but Louis exercised his social skills in the role, leading Prince George, Duke of Cambridge, to write to him, "You have produced a mutual feeling of goodwill and unanimity which I have always wished to see established, and which, by your tact and sound judgement, you have brought about to the fullest extent. Kronprinzessin Louise von Schweden, 1925 Lady Louise Alexandra Marie Irene Mountbatten, geborene Prinzessin Louise von Battenberg (* 13. Il épouse une petite-fille de la reine Victoria du Royaume-Uni, et poursuit une carrière distinguée dans la Royal Navy, devenant un protégé de son futur roi — et oncle par alliance — Édouard VII. [104] It was his last voyage; he died at 42 Half Moon Street, Piccadilly, London in the annexe of the Naval and Military Club on 11 September 1921 of heart failure following influenza. En 1917, sous la pression germanophobe des Britanniques, il anglicise son nom en Mountbatten. [31] Seven months after Louis left Britain on the voyage, actress Lillie Langtry allegedly bore him an illegitimate daughter, Jeanne Marie. However, her only son, Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark, adopted the name when he became a British subject in 1947. He was closely related to the Russian Royals through both his mother and father’s sides. [42] As wedding presents Louis received the British Order of the Bath and the Star and Chain of the Hessian Order of Louis. [5], Shortly after Louis's birth, his father was stationed with the Austro-Hungarian Army of occupation in Northern Italy during the Second Italian War of Independence. Prinzessin Viktoria und Louis Mountbatten waren die Großeltern von Prinz Philip, dem Prinzgemahl der britischen Königin Elisabeth II. The years immediately preceding this appointment were marred by disagreements between Admirals Sir John Fisher and Lord Charles Beresford over the direction of the navy and the imposition of reforms. [70] He was appointed as commander of the newly constituted Third and Fourth Divisions of the Home Fleet two years later. Because of his morganatic parentage, Louis was denied his father's rank in the Grand Duchy of Hesse; and, from birth, his style of Illustrious Highness and title of Count of Battenberg instead derived from the rank given to his mother at the time of her marriage. Louis Filialen in Battenberg (Pfalz) und Umgebung: Hier findest Du alle Adressen der Louis Geschäfte in Battenberg (Pfalz) und Umgebung auf MeinProspekt. Battenberg war schon im Mittelalter Sitz eines Grafengeschlechts, ihr Besitz reichte bis Frankenberg. Louis was born as Ludwig Alexander von Battenberg in Graz, Styria, the eldest son of Prince Alexander of Hesse and by Rhine by his morganatic marriage to Countess Julia von Hauke.Because of his morganatic parentage, Louis was denied his father's rank in the Grand Duchy of Hesse; and, from birth, his style of Illustrious Highness and title of Count of Battenberg instead derived … [27] The Sultan toured the Mediterranean from July 1876. [40] His wife was the eldest daughter of Queen Victoria's second daughter Princess Alice by Louis IV, Grand Duke of Hesse. [102], Milford Haven was appointed Military Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath (GCB), to add to the Civil one he already held, in recognition of his service to the Royal Navy in the 1921 New Year Honours,[103] and was specially promoted by Order in Council to the rank of Admiral of the Fleet on the Retired List, dated 19 August.

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