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What’s wrong? Those are for eating cereal out of! I am just recently getting back into caring for bettas and have a red half-moon Max. Only use approved aquarium decorations and materials that are safe for fish. Hi, Avoid drastic changes in water temperature and water quality. days at my heyday for 6 mo. If he continues constantly flaring you may consider taping an aquarium background image to the back of the tank to help prevent this. 1X/month? If you wanted to go another health-promoting route, you could use Indian Almond Leaves. i already have a good day to night schedule set up for the lizard and as the heat lamp for my snake has a relatively low light level, he took maybe a week to adjust to having this small amount of light and he sleeps quite well (its adorable, once i find him between the leaves in his enclosure, he is so peaceful looking), i was wondering if a betta may adjust the same way he has and adapt to having a low amount of light at night. tank. Please read all of the information about betta care on this website and get an aquarium with a filter and heater. I have conflicting advice. Nitrite: 0PPM Thx so much for all your help. The labyrinth organ allows them to extract oxygen from the air and not just the water via their gills. Im readin the info on this site and now I’m not sure if my purchase was right. Or is there something more specific that I can find at the pet store? Do you think he will get used to it or constantly fight his reflection? In the wild, the betta splenden lives in shallow oxygen-deficient streams, rice paddies, and puddles, but many of these areas are still expansive in water volume. I’m not sure if you’re still in the market for a tank, but if so, the Penn Plax Vertex is a decent budget-friendly entry-level tank. It’s only been a week in the new tank. I bought one of those siphons to help get rid of it, but I see in your articles that you mention an aquarium-safe turkey baster. That can speed up algae growth. So, I want to get a fish, and I was hoping for an angel fish because I grew up with those. Anyway, this page saved my fish, because I didn’t know they jumped so I went to cover his bowl and he had already jumped out we got him back in and he seems okay, and we put a sheet of plastic wrap with holes poked in it over the top until I can get a larger tank. The clear edges may be new fin regrowth. you spelled your name wrong . The only time a heater is not required is if the surrounding temperature in the room the tank is in is at least 78 degrees Fahrenheit. When I feed the fish the 2 female bettas beat the neons and the Columbian tetras to the food. Is that normal? Ammonia and other toxins will build up faster unless you like doing daily water changes and cleanings – depending on your tank’s size. I recommend some testing strips to monitor the water parameters, they help remove a lot of the uncertainty behind water. I will be adding decorations and plants to his tank so would he be able to use those to block out the light at night? The tank I have is 10 gallons. I keep a jug of pre-treated/conditioned water by the tank for this very purpose. Thank you very much. I also keep a soft bristled tooth brush for aquarium decor cleaning too for those nooks and crannies. My Betta is 4 yrs old and all the time hardly does he come out from hiding, I know Bettas like to hide, but this a little to much. This helps reduce stress, otherwise keep monitoring him and doing the water changes making sure the water is clean and to the right temperature. I got Chronos (Butterfly Betta) not even a week ago, and I’ll admit I wasn’t prepared, though strictly speaking not my fault since a friend bought him for me, but regardless, a few days ago I noticed what looked like missing scales on his head and a darkening of his color on his head. Betta mâle Plakat Dumbo. Learn how your comment data is processed. I have personally found that it does keep my fish healthy and I rarely have a betta get ill. For general maintenance I use 1/2-teaspoon per 1-gallon of water. How often to clean if using bottled gallon spring water? I took him out of the tank, replaced the filter, water and cleaned his accessories (including the filter) with warm water. I immediately did a full cleaning w/water conditioner. I’ve been reading about bettas here and there for about a year, but I accidently just had an all nighter researching proper tank maintenance, plants, setup, and fin rot treatment because I’ve just been so worried about him. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Just keep an eye that he/she eats the pellet completely. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks. Typically, betta fish at Petco are around 6-12 months old so they should have a lot of life left in them. A good filter can help reduce these levels and establish healthy bacteria in tanks 3 gallons or larger. Should I use some kind of covering on the side of the tank closest to the window to keep it from over heating, or will having a heater to regulate the water temp be enough? I don’t think it goes less than 65. You wouldn’t be very happy or healthy though. In the morning I noticed his color was like metallic sky blue, the red stripes all gone. He spends 90% of his day flaring at himself, diving aggressively down to the floor, and then going up for air. The most common ingredients are meat, fish, and shrimp. He may eat one pellet then runs to the bottom. I cant find it on the web. Thanks for your help. We have had him a year and this is the first time I have seen this behavior. Based on what you said, it does sound like color-changing and regrowth and not an ailment, but you’re welcome to send me an email at bryan@bettafish.org if you’d like. I put her in her own tank and did ANOTHER 100% water change. It is safe to put my betta fish into the tank??? It was difficult to tell as he is black with iridescent coloring. What kind of (small) plants can I grow on top? That will depend on whether it’s filtered or not. My betta fish has what looks like a little ball below his chin and I whisked it away. Also, he has 2 silver strips of color on his red fins, is that normal? There are 3 sub-categories related to this tail type. Whenever adding new tap water, make sure to use dechlorination drops or spring water that has chlorine already removed. His fins were all broken up, he doesn’t swim normal, and his scales are dull. He came with some fin curling when I got him but its starting to get a bit worse in conjuction with the not eating. In hot water for a cycled tank? I was following your advice and doing the water changes but that didn’t seem to help too much. You can visit the diseases page, or look into a product called API Fungus cure if you can confirm it’s that. It’s hard to gauge how much you should be feeding a betta. You’ll need some test strips to monitor parameters. Betta fish deserve the right to live a long and healthy life in captivity. Thanks so much! Are they related? (Would explain the ammonia, if he’s dead. . Fin regrowth doesn’t always look 100% the same as the original fin and can be folded over. Fish can adapt, and generally people cause more harm trying to get a “perfect” number and causing constant swings and abrupt changes in parameters. There is the traditional Plakat where the tail is rounded, sometimes with a point. I’m back on the bettafix and nothing. If cost is an issue, I will gladly PayPal you the amount you spend on his heater. The filter and the light should go on and off, but the heater has to be on at all times, unless the temperature is over 85 degrees. Females are generally much smaller in size, have less vivid coloring, shorter fins, and have a small white egg spot on their underside. He now will come up and eat 2 pellets then swims quickly back to bottom and appears to have labored breathing. Any suggestions on how to avoid this? There is very little information about feeding them Betta flakes, so how much should i give him? Aquarium test strips are great to have on hand for this. Still, have questions? Hi Bryan! If you’re going away for 2-3 days, never add extra food to compensate. Replicating their feeding environment and food will keep them happy and healthy. Some bettas are too aggressive to live with other inhabitants, but they can play nice with certain tank mates that are non-aggressive and do not possess any bright colors or long fins. Snails can be fickle in a new tank and often die due to stress or change in water parameters, and they only have a lifespan of about a year for most types. Consider printing or saving it for future reference: The difference between female betta fish care and male betta fish care is very minimal. I personally own this tank Carly and love it! Click here : Fishes Live/Stock Videos Plakat is short for Plakat Thung - which means "fighter fish" in Thai, and were once a specific wild breed but now this term is used in general for larger round tail bettas. My daughter just bought a betta two weeks ago. I never said the plants were there to act as a filter. my beautiful halfmoon betta makes small bubbles almost like a nest, A friend said it means he is happy in his environment. If you skip the cycling, I recommend at the very least using some quick start healthy bacteria solution and then acclimating them in slowly. You should be doing roughly one 20-25% water changes per week and a full change only as necessary. Petco recently began selling baby betta fish, and with improper care, they can die prematurely. Unbelievable talk about a bully to pick on a defensive fish. The Plakat, or Plakad, is a short-tailed Betta, and is the most closely related to wild Betta splendens or traditional fighting Bettas. For that reason, today’s blog post format is similar to an FAQ. I’ve had him for about a week now. This makes them more desirable for some hobbyists. I feed the brine shrimp by using a dropper to suction them from their own water, so a very small amount of salt water will already mix into his water-is that enough to make a difference? Hi Bryan. My Other family members have had bettas and they lived in vases and were fed and where happy too. You can use the turkey baster in-between the bigger cleanings. I’ve had them in there for a few months now, low flow filter, 50 watt heater, and tons of silk plants. The weirdest part is my boy has been building a bubble nest for over a week now. I also have another fish that is sick. Had him just a week and he is swimming about now, seems healthy. Water quality declines as ammonia builds up from waste and uneaten food. Pretty sad. Very thoughtful of you and your daughter to improve the care for this betta. Will he be okay with that? Thanks in advance for your time! A vase takes up about as much space as a 2.5 or 3-gallon tank, so I would continue trying to persuade them. Betta food comes in different varieties including pellets, flakes, live, and freeze-dried options. If it’s food or other debris, try using a turkey baster or aquarium gravel vacuum to keep things clean without the need to do 100% changes so often. Yes, all new water going into the tank should be treated with conditioner to remove harmful things like chlorine. I feed him 2 pellets in the morning and 2 or 3 in the evening. Never place 2 males, or a male and female in the same tank unless breeding. I’ve had my eyes on him since around September, and he’s been having fin rot. Like anything, it gets easier the more you learn and research. Water conditioning drops. We are now gearing up to purchase another, but are dealing with the effects of how we handled the first fish’s death. We breed high quality betta fish for sale and ship them directly to your doorstep. That’s great Donna, and thank you for the feedback! Hi Theresa, 4 years is considered to be an elder betta as average life span is approximately 2-5 years. For food, you should feed 1-2 times per day, with 2-3 pellets per feeding, and take one day with no food (fasting). Bettas do not tolerate abrupt changes in water or water temperature well. The noise will not bother them. This forces the pH level of the water to get out of a healthy range. Is there a good brand? This affects what type of care you will need to provide him or her over time. I want to be a good fish mom to this little guy. Il existe de nombreuse espèces du genre Betta, mais ici il ne sera question que du B. splendens. I am a proud owner of a beautiful turquoise Super Delta Betta. She had stopped eating. Varying temperaments are tough when first setting up a sorority tank, not all are cut out for it and usually, more is better than fewer females. Recently, at my local Petco I did see a female sorority tank with about 10 females in it. Hello again Bryan, sorry to bother you. Betta fish may also refuse to eat during stress, especially when first bringing them home. I am taking really good care of my new Betta. If you use tap water, be sure to use a betta water conditioner to remove chlorine, chloramine, ammonia, and other heavy metals. Nitrite should ideally be zero parts per million (ppm). How do I find out? They can be peaceful and live with select tank mates depending on their temperament. I’ve honestly grown attached to the little guy. It’s very rare to see a betta fish poop, so that’s not surprising you haven’t. But I have a question, so my filter is kinda strong, but kinda not, but at times, he swims under the filter and looks at the place where the fresh water comes out, and of course he gets pushed downward, but then he goes back and does the same several times, then goes away, this happens occasionally, maybe 5 times a week, do you think he’s just being himself? Feeding is 2-3 pellets, 1-2 times per day. I’m clueless and very sad. I turned onthe filter and it made him alert but the poor thing is low on water, in the dark, cold and drafty . Feed him less for now, and only consider fasting again if things worsen. From the research, I have found that ideally, no light at night is best for their health. Still a chore to swim down but is getting better. Unfortunately, most big box pet stores aren’t willing to provide that level of care and habitat options. ), long flowing fins and a visible ‘beard’ protruding out from their gills. Betta fish need a normal day and night cycle. Do not let the mixture stay on any aquarium or decoration’s surface longer than 10 minutes. Betta fi… When should I put my Betta in the tank? I want to ask what I did wrong to make it pass away in less than one and a half year, was it just its lifespan, because like two days before it passed it started to wither in its fins. (It is more chalky looking now than shiny, though.) Betta fish are very sensitive to changes in their habitat’s temperature and water parameters. Back to norm. He is a beautiful black orchid male (I think he is the product of some mixed breeding as I do not know if he’s a veiltail or not). They get their food and everyone else gets theirs. Thank you for the information. Because of this, you should cycle more than you do a complete change. Thank you. In the wild, bettas feed on insects and their larvae on the water’s surface. I added 3 female better to my 20 gallon community tank. Today it seems as though his pure white fins are slightly discolored. I already lost five other fish.. Do you think he is dying? Should we be doing partial water changes? Hi Bryan Betta fish care Betta fish care product from Nice Betta Thailand. Change 100% of the water for smaller tanks (e.g. It might’ve been some kind of defect though. Could I have a bad filter or maybe I need a smaller filter? I refer to this website very often. This can take weeks and most novice hobbyists simply don’t have the patience, or buy the betta the same day they buy the tank. No bowls. If it’s green algae, you’ve had the light on too much. I have brine shrimp that i use to feed my fish in a different tank, so i will give him some of that as well. The pet shop owner said not to use any filter , just some dechlorinator and ph modulator which is also antifungal. Mimicking their natural habitat is the best way to accomplish that. Another option would be to start a Change.org or other similar petition. That is not a suitable permanent long-term habitat for Tempest to remain healthy in, and you’ll also need a heater to maintain the right temperature. I have a wide plastic plant with many wide leaves and several medium -large size stones. I added live plants, a Mayan head they can hide in and 2 live snails to help with cleaning. For the lights, all betta fish are different, if he seems happy and is not hiding constantly when they are on you should be fine. If you have 5 females, each 2 inches, that would translate to a 10-gallon tank. I was hoping to find some info on the different ways to “vacuum” out the crud. you say that the beta needs a day night schedule. Non-filtered and smaller tanks require more frequent maintenance. I was giving two baby bettas a female and a male the past couple weeks. Please help me heal him. Since I am new to take care of betta fish. My 5 gal fish tank is going to be in the corner of my room next to a window. Caring for a betta fish isn’t that hard once you establish a routine and separate the myths from the facts. Larger tanks are easier to maintain nitrogen cycles and temperature and require less frequent cleanings. My betta has bad fins. my main concern with this is the lighting. He sleeps at night on the bottom. I know the babies are more of a challenge, but I think it would be worth it. I went ahead and purchased my 5th female betta and all is well. You can learn how to tell if it’s a male or female on the anatomy page. He had, and still has, a metallic bluish-silver spot on his flank. Plakats are more resistant to fin rot and other fin ailments, and will not bite their fins unlike types with long tails. Thank you so much in advance, and keep up the great work with this site!!! If Chronos is still eating, active, and has a spunky personality then you are probably doing just fine. P.S. Understand that products like these, however, do not replace actually vacuuming the substrate and doing water changes – but they can reduce some of the waste build up and how often these actions are needed.

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